We Used To Be Friends

Spoilers ahead for Veronica Mars Season 4

It’s been a week, so I think we’re fine to chat about it now, don’t you?

A few weeks ahead of time Hulu dropped the new 8 episode season of Veronica Mars. I’m a Marshmallow from not the beginning, but earlier than many. Crystan was always a big fan and I borrowed her DVDs of the show in college to watch.

So the way Hulu, Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell have made the new season happen excited me. From rumor to execution it was quick, clean and done.

We need to talk about the ending though. I’ve watched the show a bunch of times. And as the last ten minutes approached, and Veronica, Keith and Wallace waited for Logan at the courthouse, my heart was in my throat. I knew someone was going to die, and since Keith had been given a clean bill of health, I knew it was going to be Logan.

But then he didn’t. And I exhaled. But then of course, he did.

I’m not as angry about this twist as others. It’s hella lazy on Thomas’s part, but I don’t think it’s this massive betrayal that other people made it out to be. Thomas and his team gave Jason Dohring a hell of a swan song to go out on. Logan was fantastic the whole season long. (So was Max Greenfield’s Leo, who I’ve always liked second best of Veronica’s love interests, due to him having a distinct personality. Troy, Duncan and Piz kinda run together in a bland mix of blah) (Also Veronica’s sex dream about him is how I imagine Fifty Shades would have been had Greenfield gotten the role of Christian. IE VERY HOT and INTERESTING)

The mystery was good, nothing will ever hit the highs of “Who killed Lily?” which has always been the show’s post season 1 problem. I’m watching season 2 now and OH BOY is the bus crash tedious. I don’t remember how it all comes together either. What’s the deal with Kendall and the Fitzpatrick’s? Beaver did it because Woody molested him, but there’s a lot of other shit floating around in the story that I think doesn’t mean anything.

The new characters are the best new characters since Gia Goodman came in in season 2, so that’s nice. Patton Oswalt’s true crime nut turned big bad Penn was a good deal of fun. JK Simmons was unsurprisingly wonderful as Clyde, an ex con with ambiguous motivation who bonds with Keith. Kirby Howell-Baptiste is fun as club owner Nicole who bonds with Veronica and Izabel Vidovic is fun as Veronica’s new protege Matty.

I think the most unfortunate thing about the ending, which again, is in my opinion, lazy but fine, is that like so many “eh” endings it’s going to overshadow what was a pretty great season of TV, with excellent work by it’s main cast. But as I said on facebook back at the last episode of Game Of Thrones, I might just like shitty endings? I like the Lost ending, the Dark Tower ending, and I like the Game Of Thrones ending (in concept, the execution I agree, was underwhelming). Those are three pretty reviled conclusions, y’all.

Anyway, I enjoyed the season. I hope as everyone’s emotions cool, we can discuss the rest of it that worked well, and not just the ending. Also, I hope we get more Veronica Mars down the line, if only because I want Weevil and Veronica to make up, and I want to see more of Wallace shaking is head at Matty during school hours. (He’s her physics teacher!)

Also, now I’m shipping Leo and Veronica, and again, don’t mind LoVe being the kind of deep epic tragic story it was always meant to be.

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