60 Books is 2019 #22: Farewell Dorthy Parker by Ellen Meister

Farewell Dorthy Parker is fluffy, short, kind of odd, and not particularly good.

I like fluff, I love ghost stories and I’m actually a big fan of Mrs. Parker, but this book is only 300 pages and long and is trying to do way too much in that pithy little package.

Film critic Violet’s life is kind of a mess. She’s stuck in a dead end relationship with a semi-alcoholic. She’s spent the last year mourning her sister and trying to gain custody of her niece and she doesn’t have any friends.

One day, she accidentally steals a guest book from The Alquonquin Hotel and it turns out the book is grounding the soul of Dorthy Parker to this world. (Now, clearly Violet needs to burn the book, and Dorthy Parker’s remains for good measure.  Amateur mistake.) Dorthy Parker’s ghost become’s Violet’s fairy godmother of sorts, helping her dump her sad sack beau, get over her sister’s death and even become a better writer!

Oh also there’s a weird suicide subplot with the niece which felt rushed and out of place? This was a weird book, but that’s what I get for just picking it up off the library shelf randomly.

Up next is PS I Still Love You, because you know what, we all need a little more Lara Jean in our lives!

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