Fangirl Loves Star Wars: Episode II: Attack Of The Clones

The night before I watched this I was hanging out with Tommy (cousin) and Mike (brother) and I was discussing this project. I got a “Ugh, prequels,” out of both of them, and when I said that I was at this point we all sighed and discussed how we, like most Star Wars fans just want our damn Obi-Wan movie starring Ewan McGregor, thank you!

Because, as I’ve said, over and over again, there is 1/2 of a good movie in Attack Of The Clones, and that is a movie I like to call, “Obi-Wan solves a mystery.” Obi-Wan figuring out the Clone army, Dooku’s allegiance to the Sith and the battle that results because of that is awesome. All of it. McGregor gives a great performance, and Samuel L. Jackson and Frank Oz back him up well. The Jedi dropping into the arena before Yoda comes with the clones is wonderful. I even like the corny dopey confrontation between Yoda and Dooku. (Christopher Lee was a perfect angel of Satan that we didn’t deserve playing all the funnest bad guys.)

I love that movie.

It’s just the other movie. The one where two hotties stare at each other awkwardly and we’re supposed to think they’re falling in love is soooo terrible that it drags the whole enterprise down. (Natalie Portman is at least trying here, unlike in her next outing, but it’s frustrating to watch her get nothing for her efforts,) But we’re not focusing on the things that we hate in this series right?

Of the three prequels this is probably the one I’ve seen most, because it’s very easy to watch when it’s on cable. It’s easy to click in and out of, it’s not too long, and it’s pretty to look at. And the performances (give or take a Hayden Christiansen) are pretty fun.

Next week we start into The Clone Wars with Season 1. Once again, with the help of my local library. Watching the DVDs is going to be nice to keep from over binging too. Something about actually getting up to change the disk is different than just clicking through to another episode.

Also, library materials need to be returned, so I can’t put off watching either. Win Win! Anyway, we’ll have six weeks of shouting about Ahsoka coming up!

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