60 Books in 2019 #1: Taltos By Anne Rice

Um, so I’ve never fallen so deeply out of love with a series that I loved so much to begin with. I named The Witching Hour as my favorite book I read in 2018. I noted that Lasher suffered by answering questions that were best left creepy and mysterious.

Taltos is just dull. It’s really boring, from the introduction of yet another Taltos, and quickly dispatched Talamasca conspiracy and next to no actual action with the Mayfair family, it was just a slog.

It doesn’t even have the weird sex stuff the other two do. There’s some sex, but nothing as fun and twisted as Lasher psychically bringing Rowan to climax, or Julien’s victrola sending Michael and Mona (ick) into an erotic craze. Nah, just some standard, Taltos like to have lots of sex stuff.

I’m still invested in getting through Anne Rice’s full bibliography. But this has made me a bit more wary of the direction things are going to be going. At least moving forward I still have Lestat and his personality to sustain the fun. Even when he’s drenched in ennui and thoughts of the immortal soul, Lestat’s fun. Rowan Mayfair, though powerful and somewhat interesting, was kind of a blank slate after she surrendered her agency to a ghost or whatever, and Michael Curry was even worse, once he was all, “welp, I fucked a 13 year old, but that’s how things are.”

Anyway, Taltos isn’t a good book. Not even like Lasher which was at least a good book, even if unsatisfying to me.

Up next is Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy because I need me some adorable YA action. Plus I thought the movie was a damn delight. Also, now that we’re into 2019, remember the project is 52 books by women or people of color, only 8 by white men. (4 of those 8 are already earmarked, btw. But if I get up to the 60 quickly, which given a 10 day family vacation in February is not unlikely, I’ll reevaluate).

One thought on “60 Books in 2019 #1: Taltos By Anne Rice

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