45 Books In 2018 #44: Lasher By Anne Rice

It’s almost always the case that answers are rarely if ever as satisfying as mysteries. So all of the gothic weirdness and questions that made me absolutely love The Witching Hour, were answered, kind of stupidly in Lasher.

What is Lasher? A demon? A ghost? The same brand of dark spirit that possessed Akasha and created vampires? (I’m not going to lie, this is sort of what I was hoping for…the book does mention David Talbot’s disappearance, just as Body Thief mentioned Aaron Lightner needing Deborah Mayfair’s portrait for the family. The links begin to form! The tower has many levels.) Nope, turns out he was just a different species of humanoid, the Taltos, born without a soul, thus not allowed to Heaven or Hell, and reborn over and over again as the genetics of the Mayfairs allowed.

OK, that’s also kind of weird, but it’s not the brand of weird and mysterious and dark that I was hoping for here, which makes the sequel to The Witching Hour (possibly my favorite book I’ve read this year, but we’ll get there) something of a let down. Lasher is almost all answers and very few questions, pretty much the only questions left are how much the Mayfairs knew when Rowan and Michael returned to New Orleans (sort of interesting) and are we going to forgive Michael for sleeping with one of Rowan’s teenage cousins. (Seriously, Mrs. Rice? I mean really?)

There’s still another book in the Lives Of The Mayfair Witches, plus the places it apparently crosses over with Vampire Chronicles, but at the moment, I’m a little bummed out.

As a sequel this didn’t live up, though as a speculative fiction novel itself, it was very good. It’s well written, the plot stays moving, the characters develop in interesting and yet trackable ways. But man, as answers to creepy questions go? It sucked all of the magic out of the story.

Up next is TV: The Book: Two Experts Pick the Greatest American Shows Of All Time by Alan Sepinwall and Matt Zoller Seitz. I’m jonesing hard for some non fiction and I’ve always really enjoyed both Sepinwall and Zoller Seitz’s writing, so I’m looking forward to it.

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