45 Books In 2018 #43: The Tale Of The Body Thief by Anne Rice

In which Lestat has a fun body switch adventure. And we learn that Claudia might be a ghost.

Since diving into The Vampire Chronicles I’ve been wondering if Rice was capable of writing another breezy horror adventure in the same vein as Interview, since while I love Lestat and Queen Of The Damned they got awfully bogged down in history and metaphysics.

There’s some of that in Body Theif, but it’s mostly just fun silliness and a bit of gothic angst. Lestat is approached by a disgraced member of the Talamasca, Raglan James, who’s developed the magic power to possess other bodies. He offers our favorite vampire the chance to be human again, they’ll switch bodies for a few days and then switch back.

Since his whole, “Imma be a rockstar and unite vampires and humans,” gambit didn’t work out (THANKS FOR THAT AKASHA!) Lestat’s been feeling the ennui so he agrees if only for the novelty. Of course James doesn’t keep to the plan so, Lestat and his friend (also Talamasca) David Talbot go off to hunt him.

They go on a cruise! They set Louis on fire! I repeat, they COMMUNE WITH CLAUDIA’S GHOST (maybe?) Seriously, this is the kind of bonkers one off adventure that I read long running genre series for. When the characters have settled into themselves and you can just set them off on something, it’s the best kind of book like this.

There’s also the small details here, that the minute Lestat gets a human body all he wants to do is fuck. As usual, with our favorite pansexual vampire rockstar brat, it’s men and women, but seriously, this is his first instinct. Oh, he also adopts a dog named Mojo. (Y’all, I seriously cannot wait for the TV series. Because if they get to this book, it will be the kind of one off season that people either think is totally brilliant or hate.

Anyway, I loved this one, and I’ll stand by it as a favorite (I know I have like six books left in the series, but so far, I like it best!) Up next is Lasher also Anne Rice, not because I’m so into her right now (Though I am) but more because it’s due back to the library this week and I’m out of renewals for it!

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