45 Books In 2018 #34: Interview With The Vampire By Anne Rice

OK, confession time, this is a repeat! But I read it in high school so that barely counts.

Plus I’m diving into  The Vampire Chronicles as a whole, which means that I just had to start at the beginning. Also, it was a good way to get into the spooky mood for October, a reasonably easy read. So, I dove in, back into the magical, sexy, world of Anne Rice and Louis and Lestat and Claudia. (And Armand, people forget Armand. They shouldn’t, because he’s my favorite, but they do.) (And it’s only a little bit because Antonio Banderas plays him in the movie.) (Also, yes, I know that in the early days of the internet, Anne Rice was kind of an asshole to people, that’s why I’m going out my way to take the books out of the library rather than buy them and support her! SEE! Je suis woke, or whatever.)

I know the movie Interview With A Vampire by heart, because it’s awesome. (It’s my third favorite Tom Cruise performance, after A Few Good Men and Top Gun.) I didn’t remember the book once, but I was shocked by how faithful to the book the movie is, details are fudged, timelines are streamlined, but it follows the A-B-C of the thing very well. Louis is a feckless aristocrat, Lestat falls in love with him (this is much more explicit in the book, the gay stuff, SOOOO GAY!) turns him into a vampire, he becomes a feckless vampire. They change Claudia into a vampire and raise her as their daughter. (GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY!) Then Claudia goes crazy and she murders Lestat (OR SO SHE THINKS) they go to Europe, they meet Armand and the Paris vampires. (ARMAND!) Armand falls in love with Louis. (GAAAYYYYYYYYY) Lestat comes back, and the Paris vampires kill Claudia, and Louis and Armand run away and live together for a while, and then they find Lestat and again and then they break up.

There’s a lot of detail and cool world building and spooky scenes but the story is pretty basic. But I loved reading it again, and I’m waiting on The Vampire Lestat and The Queen Of The Damned to come in for me to pick up from the library.

I’m sticking spooky for the month of October, and with books written by women, since I haven’t read enough of those this year. So, I’m picking up Jonathan Strange And Mr. Norrell, which Aless gave me for Christmas years ago and I haven’t gotten to.

More gay vampires on the way, but for now, I’m happy to dive into some magic.

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