10 years is a really long time, people.

Really long. Worlds turn and stars move and people, especially, curious, thoughtful creative people change.

10 years ago, I was obsessed with Meg Cabot, and Smallville and Twilight and was a registered Republican who went to mass every Sunday and thought that birth control and premarital sex were sinful. I wanted to be a fashion buyer and move to France and I’d just seen In The Heights and was screaming about how we should all be paying attention to this Lin-Manuel Miranda guy, because he’s pretty great. (OK some things don’t change.)

10 years ago.

10 years ago I hadn’t even met a good chunk of the people who’ve made me who I am today. I hadn’t read feminist philosophy, or learned that you can love someone even when you don’t like them very much and how very sad that is. I was quiet and unhappy and judgmental and frankly, I don’t think a lot of you would have liked me very much.

There are people in my life from then who can vouch for the changes, and how small and quiet some were, and how hard fought and difficult others were. (Man, I called myself a Republican for way too long…) (Also, those of you that stuck around. Thanks! And I love you!)

There’s a point here. And that point is that I think it’s garbage that Disney fired James Gunn, and that there’s even conversation about Dan Harmon. (Even though, like I’ve made my thoughts on him pretty clear.)

10 years is a long time. Change happens. When it happens we have to recognize it.

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