Nerd Homework: Battlestar Galactica

All this has happened before, and will happen again, so say we all.

This was the third time I attempted to watch the show that everyone I know who has watched has said was incredible except for the end that we don’t talk about. (NO not that one, the other one.) Previous attempts had ended halfway through the first episode of the miniseries because I was bored, or confused or uninterested.

I don’t think I was ready for this show before. I hadn’t passed through the proper gateways of nerd-dom. I’d done Lost and Doctor Who, the Whedon-verse, but not Star Trek or Dune, both of which I think are seriously important building blocks for BSG. 

Anyway, this attempt was sparked partially by this “Nerd Homework” project and partially by, what else? This Is Rad! (seriously, I should send Kyle and Matt flowers or something.) They’re doing a series of episodes on BSG and I like to understand what they’re talking about.

Anyway, the show, which blew me away, from the minute I let myself get past that halfway mark, which, still, I gotta say, does not blow me away. (I can’t tell you, how little, even now having seen how it all plays out, I care about watching Gaius Baltar and Caprica Six hook up, or Starbuck run laps.) (Well that second one is a lie, I’d watch Starbuck do anything, but we’ll get to that.)

The first two and a half seasons are tightly plotted beautifully executed drama, the second season and a half are bonkers religious allegory masking as science fiction, which I am also deeply into in a totally different way. (As I have learned, from this and Dune and Ender…I’m going to have to give C.S. Lewis’s space trilogy another try, I guess…)

I’m obsessed with this cast and have a new ride or die ship (Adama/Roslin is 100% goals. They’re love is adult and slow and beautiful and PERFECT! Fight me!) And a new fictional love of my life.

It’s time to talk Kara Thrace y’all. It’s time to talk about frakking perfection in execution of a character. There is no longer Poe Dameron. Or Maergary Tyrell. Or Dick Grayson. Or Blair Waldorf. Or Luca Kovach. There is only Starbuck in all of her hotshot, hard drinking, authority disrespecting, foot stomping, resurrected savior glory. Katee Sackoff gives one of the most stunningly immersive and consistent performances I’ve ever seen in my twenty something years of TV watching.

And of course, as a shiptastic garbage person, I found my stupid brain trying to pair her off. And there just isn’t anyone good enough for her. She’s amazing. And certainly neither dumb good dude Lee Adama nor useless (AND ACTUALLY A CYLON!) Sam Anders are anywhere near her level of awesome.

I will be cosplaying her.

It will be glorious.

I see why people don’t like this ending, it’s a little too on the nose and clean for a show that was always a bit more opaque and grey.

I’ll return to BSG someday, and analyze it more, focus on other aspects. But I’m glad to have watched it now. Also, it’s reignited my love of “All Along The Watchtower” a family fave since childhood.

I don’t know what the next step of the project is going to be. I have The Dune Chronicles to finish, and I realized it’s been a year since I fell in deep with The Dark Tower, so I think another seminal book series might be the way to go. (Earthsea or Pern maybe, I’ve been so heavily into stuff created by dudes, something lady driven will be nice for a change.) I also might go back to Star Trek and go for Deep Space Nine, as I know that was also a Ronald D. Moore joint, and as I understand it explores some of the same themes as BSG. We shall see.  

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