Toxic Fandom, Star Wars, and Me

I’d been thinking about toxic fandom for a while lately, even before the conversation about it sort of exploded this week.

I have several half finished rants about it in my drafts, from trying to understand where it comes from, to my own participation in it, to the fact that  OH MY GOD YOU PUSHED A YOUNG WOMAN OFF OF INSTAGRAM BECAUSE OF A MOVIE YOU GODDAMN MONSTERS.

I have mixed feelings about most of the media I love. There’s problems everywhere, and there’s toxicity everywhere, and sometimes you trip over it. I do my best to run the other way when I find it, or confront it. Or whatever. Sometimes, I’m just tired.

I do know this, I am often in the exhausted “ugh, I can’t with fandom” bucket, which also makes me sad. Fandom has brought me some amazing moments of connection and some of my best friends. It should be fun. And like 80% of the time, it is, very fun. When things get toxic, when you decide not liking The Last Jedi means that you can tell Kelli Marie Tran how awful she is.

You guys, I think about this with Star Wars, like a lot. Jake Lloyd quit acting and had a mental breakdown at 11, at least partially because of Star Wars “fans” spent so much time talking about how much he sucks. He was a child. It was a bad movie. Get it together people.

I don’t get outraged like that over movies, or comics, I just don’t have the energy, I barely have the energy to get outraged about the things that are actually important to me. About human rights, and immigration, and our shit show of a government, and everytime I hear a  horrible #metoo story.

I have mixed feeling about The Last Jedi, I think it was oddly paced and strangely executed. I thought what Johnson was going for was interesting, but I’m not sure he pulled it off. I think that Daisy Ridley and Adam Driver gave star making performances and the throne room battle was a top 3 Light saber fight. I think he dropped the ball on Finn and Rose who were well performed but spinning in place most of the time. I think Holdo was an awesome character.

But I have all these thoughts about it, none of which compel me to yell at an actress or even Rian Johnson, about them. If I met him, I’d probably bring up the stuff I like, (after I stopped emitting the high pitched squealing noise) maybe ask for clarification on the muddier stuff. Then I’d ask how time travel works in Looper, because really, man HOW DOES TIME TRAVEL WORK IN LOOPER?

Anyway, fandom can be fun, but it can also be scary. But let’s do our best to keep it fun. Swing the gates open, life’s too short to sit around obsessing about something alone, it’s much more fun with friends.Thi

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