Visions Of Gideon

It’s amazing to me, sometimes, how adaptations can change and improve or destroy or remain neutral on their source material. Adaptation can be so tricky, and walks this strange line in art.

If you didn’t see a few weeks ago, I really disliked the novel Call Me By Your Nameand while I was curious, I wasn’t overly enthused about going to see the movie, of a book that left me almost entirely cold. Crystan, however, is obsessed with this movie and insisted that we go.

loved the movie. It’s weird to love a movie for a book you’re not nuts over, but it was great. I even like Elio, who I came out of the book thinking was kind of the worst. Part of that comes from Timothee Chalamait’s incredible performance, which captures the awkward, open hearted melancholy of young obsession much better than prose. (Also, on film you don’t have to read seven different chapters that amount to Elio masturbating…but you know, whatever.) And Armie Hammer is the perfect hot dork of everyone’s dreams as Oliver. As Crystan and I talked about before the movie, you don’t expect someone with that beautiful face to be as good as he is, but oooh boy, is Armie a good actor.

There’s also something old fashioned and wonderful about this film that I think is why so many people have found it captivating. The long tracking shots of the Italian Countryside and tender conversations between young lovers aren’t new, we just haven’t seen them in so long that it’s refreshing. (Also, the young lovers both being men, makes this revolutionary.)

But I just adored the film. Completely head over heals for it, and will probably watch it again a few times when/if it starts streaming anywhere. It’s just so lovely. I’ve also listened to the soundtrack a few times since as well. I mean, seriously, watch this movie, it’s very worth it.

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