Fit For A Queen

We’re going to get to know the new guys a little bit…and I’m creating some ships.

The Marina Chronicle

We didn’t know what we would find when we got to the palace, and delayed on the route as much as we could.

“You said we took you by surprise,” Lietenant Lestoff said. I nodded. “You knew we were coming, though? Surely?”

“Queen Elana wrote that you would come next year,” I explained.

“I know that,” he said, “but surely you knew.” I blinked at him. “I mean no offense, Your Grace, but I was raised by a woman with the Goddess’s gift, and you clearly have it.”

“I can assure you I’ve never had a vision that clearly showed me someone’s time of arrival,” I stammered. “Once I heard a ship had arrived, I knew it was you, but no, I didn’t See it.” I paused. “Why would I take offense?” He shrugged and walked ahead then.

“Are you alright?” Aaron asked me. “I suppose you ought to get…

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