It Has To Mean Something

Movie Postseason Round 4:

Arrival Inspires Close Encounters Of The Third Kind


With the exception of the remakes, this is probably the most obvious connection between two of the movies I chose. This is also a movie about humanity connecting with visitors from another world. It’s also primarily the small personal story of one character rather than a sweeping epic.

So there you go.

Here are some other things about Close Encounters that every one forgets when they’re talking about the majesty of that final scene and the communication of music and the awesome special effects:

  1. Richard Dreyfus is really good in this movie even though it’s all about him leaving his family
  2. This movie is FREAKING TERRIFYING
  3. This movie is really, really weird.

So let’s deal the performance of Mr. Dreyfus, shall we? He’s exceptional in this, his laser focus on the mountain, what it means and being sure that he belongs there. His confusion and certainity at the same time are really really good, and it’s jut all really exceptional. Much how Arrival hinges on Amy Adams. (I’m telling you it’s really easy for me to connect these two movies, just absurdly simple. I did good with selection this time around!)

As for how terrifying this movie is? Maybe it was because I was alone in the house and exhausted while I was watching, but the scene where all of that kid’s toys come to life? Or when he gets abducted? Or the scene where the alien is seen for the first time as the saucer opens. FUCKING TERRIFYING MAN!!!

This movie is really, really weird. Most people talk about this movie, they remember the last 20 minutes, which, frankly, is what I remembered too. (I’m also pretty sure this is the first time I sat and watched the whole thing) but the two hours before that is really just Dreyfus running around acting like a goddamn lunatic, some weird stuff in Africa, some weirder stuff with a French scientist and something sort of involving the army. It’s strange and slow and hard to follow. The payoff is worth it, but I feel the need to warn anyone else who wants to watch this movie that it’s kind of strange.

Overall, I’m proud of this pairing in a way that I’m not of any of the others. It’s just such a perfect match.

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