“It’s Not Ben, OK?”Felicity: Season 1: Episodes 3 & 4


Season 1: Episode 3: “Hot Objects”

I thin the thing that’s striking me the most about the show is how quiet it is. I mean, aside from the occasional instrumental faux indie song, there’s almost no music, no one raises their voice above a whisper. It makes the whole thing feel very intimate and much  more serious.

Anyway, Felicity’s dorm is throwing a party, and Felicity is fixated on inviting Ben and then, maybe possibly having sex with him. I still do not understand her attraction to this person. So, she’s focused on that, but she’s also freaking out because her Inorganic Chemistry professor, who she worships, doesn’t seem to like her very much. Anyway, in her tape to Sally for the week, Felicity talks very briefly and without much fanfare about wanting to have sex, kind of maybe sometime in the future, which then gets put on instead of music at the party for a second, which is very embarassing, but the whole thing is so vague, it’s kind of hard to invest in her humiliation.

Anyway, the party itself is kind of glorious, one of the dorm kids. (Not John Cho or Constance Zimmer) gets her sketchy cousins to help Noel put the whole thing together. It winds up quite elaborate, but also someone gets sick, and also, Meg tells Felicity that Ben is into Julie and Julie is into Ben and they’re probably boning. They aren’t, because Julie cares more about her friendship with Felicity than boning Ben. Which is very nice.

Season 1: Episode 4 “Boggled” 

Noel and Felicity kiss while playing Boggle and it’s the best thing in the world. It’s awkward, and weird and fun, and cute and great. It’s also complicated because Noel is her RA (why does no one call him an RA, why do they all say “Resident Advisor” as if no one has ever been in a college dorm before.) but also, it’s Fridge lottery week. (These kids don’t just bring a mini fridge to college? Weird) Anyway, Felicity gets the fridge, because it turns out that Noel rigged it. SCANDAL! (Hey, I didn’t even do that on purpose.)

It gets even more scandalous, because Elena wanted that fridge and she figures out the whole thing, and then gets even more complicated because Meg decides to tell Elena that

Julie goes on a date with a guy that turned all of his clothes pink in the wash, which I think is really funny because Amy Jo Johnson! (She was the Pink Ranger…my brain is wired weird.) Ben tries out for track and it’s super boring, but Felicity indulges her stalker tendencies by watching him run and remembering watching him run in high school.


Other Stuff

  • Why I Hate Ben: He goes into an acting class, because he couldn’t get the elective he wanted and he refuses to take it seriously. Also, after the party, he goes to Felicity’s room and sleeps over, and HE KNOWS HOW SHE FEELS ABOUT HIM AND I’M PRETTY SURE HE’S A MONSTER.
  • Team Noel: Noel is great. Noel gets Felicity chocolate for the party and her chemistry book. He’s also kind of not great, when he finally asks Felicity on a date just to tell her he has a girlfriend. I mean, really? What the hell man? Then he Nice Guys all over her, but at least he apologizes. They also kiss, and it’s great, and they maintain their friendship/
  • New Friends! At the party, Felicity meets Elena, who I like a lot, but is also kind of pushy, but that’s pretty great, since Felicity can be such a doormat.
  • Actors I love who are on this show: Ben’s acting teacher is a character actor I love who’s name I can’t think of.

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