Closet Cosplay: Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

This week, I decided to dress up as a couple of Pokémon. My two favorites in fact! I know I’m about two months late, but I only started really earnestly playing Pokémon Go a few weeks ago, and, well I had other stuff planned.

This week, not so much!

So, here we go!


Charmander is always my starter, so I thought it was a good way to go. Simple enough, I went with an orange skirt and yellow top. I also stacked some orange and yellow wooden bracelets!


This is a simple one too, but I really like the outfit. Brown skirt, blue shirt and yellow scarf. I’m also wearing a pair of turtle earrings that my mom brought back from South Carolina a few years ago and a bracelet with star fish on it.

That’s what I’ve got this week! Also, if you want to see some more cool closet cosplays you should check out my friend Lora! She’s joined in on this fun! Here’s her Instagram!



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