Ready To Run: Registration And First Steps

Run Disney

This week in Crazy Disney Person News and 2016 Self Improvement News,  I registered to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February of 2017.

Kristi is doing it too. I’m getting back on a regular running schedule, since I’ve now paid money and there’s no backing out of this whole situation. I’m equal parts excited and terrified.

For the record, this was really the only way to motivate me to get my act together when it came to my physical fitness. I’ve tried for years to find the right X factor, but the only thing that ever did it in the past was a vintage dress.

That no longer does it for me. I can buy more clothes, and I’m over needing real deal vintage. (Do you know how many adorable vintage style dresses there are one Amazon that I don’t have to give up beer to wear comfortably?) So I decided to do this. I get to run in a race, have a new experience, and go to Disney World again, it’s a like a quadruple win.

It gets bumped up even higher now that I know my family is coming. I didn’t expect them to, but as we dive into planning my mom, sister, brother and dad are really excited about it. I know Kristi is also excited as is her husband Sean, you know, my actual cousin, who she’s married to. (They go to Disney with her family every year, I think he’s just psyched to switch the dynamic…) We’re looking at a six day trip, Thursday to Tuesday and we’re hoping to stay in a Disney Vacation Club 2 bedroom villa. Right now it’s looking the Contemporary, which score, because MONORAIL BAR CRAWL!

Anyway, to keep myself even more accountable, I intend to document when I hit milestones over the next 7 months of training. I’ll be running 4 times a week (minimum) now, starting in September, I’ll be running a 5K or 10K every weekend. (Registered for several of these races).

I’ll also update on the Disney Trip planning aspects. This is the third trip I’m planning inside of a year, and I think I’ve got the process down now. The thing that’s going to be different this time, is that I’m not planning just for me/someone who likes all the same things as me (Hi Juli!). So it’s going to be a little different.

The benefit of having done my two recent trips is that I know which things I can skip and which things I really want to do. Example, I could probably never see Fantasmic again, but I’ll go if that’s what everyone wants to do (or just ride Tower of Terror or Rockin Roller Coaster while they’re at the show). I would like to spend more time (perhaps even an entire evening) at Trader Sam’s, and I’ll do that by myself if no one else wants to. (Though getting my siblings to a Tiki Bar is not likely to be difficult.) So that’s all going to get documented her.

Lastly, because this is me and Kristi, and costumes are a big part of Disney Races, you’ll also be updated on my attempts to create a Cinderella running costume.

There’s plenty to document in this process, and I hope you all don’t mind coming with me on the journey.

2 thoughts on “Ready To Run: Registration And First Steps

  1. Super jealous you’re going again but I will be living vicariously through your trip 😉 so fun!! And major props for all the running 🙂


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