To Catch Them Is My Real Test

OK, who else is playing Pokémon Go?

I’m completely addicted. I think it’s wonderful. I’m so addicted that I had to rush to write this post because I decided to go out and a catch a Drowzee on my cul-de-sac rather than sit down and write. (I got him, he’s beautiful, on the same run, I got a Horsea…)

I’m on Team Mystic, mostly because my outfit is blue, and I didn’t care that much. I also have not yet had a gym battle, because I don’t live or work in highly populated areas, so I kind of have to start planning better if I want to level.

It would appear that BIRDS are going to be my purview for the most part because my neighborhood and office park are basically infested with Pidgeys and Spearows (I have a Pidgeot already, but haven’t been able to evolve my Spearo just yet, I should get him there today! He’s basically fully powered.)

I’m level 7, and should be reaching 8 on my lunch break.

What I’m loving about it is that I take these long walks anyway, on my lunch break, in the mornings on weekends. It’s part of my gradual weight loss strategy and my latest fixation on my fitbit. These walks now also give me ample hunting time. It’s pretty great.

I do have to be careful, because I share data with my family, so I can’t suck up everyone’s data with Pokémon, but I’m really enjoying the game.

How’s everyone doing?

4 thoughts on “To Catch Them Is My Real Test

  1. I’m obsessed with Pokemon Go too! Not as much as some of the people around me though. I just play casually but I think about it constantly!

    I saw someone actually playing DURING a Weezer concert on Sunday. Like, not even between sets…but WHILE they were playing. It was kinda sad!

    I wish they had a website to find friends to go pokeventuring with!


  2. Pokemon Go is ridiculously FUN! I love Horsea, so cute and that name XD. I am almost level 9, my sister is almost level 10 and she stole the gym from me XD the problems of being on different teams… I’m on Team Valor, she’s on Team Instinct D:
    My favorite catch right now is Ponyta ^_^


  3. I’m also Team Mystic! Currently on level 17– living right in the city has been very helpful. My boyfriend and I are playing together/being hyper competitive (he’s on level 19 because he used a lucky egg and evolved everything he could, ugh!) but loving the long walks! There are pokestops everywhere in Boston, so we’re learning a lot about the area too.


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