I Read A Book: Carry On

Carry On

One of my (many) new years resolutions is to do things that I’ve been putting off, particularly when it comes to reading and watching movies.

This week, I got around to reading  Carry On by Rainbow Rowell. If you’re not familiar Carry On is the fanfiction that the main character of Fangirl, Cath wrote throughout that book.

If you’ll remember Fangirl got inside me in a big bad way and I was really looking forward to reading Carry On, but then when it came out it just sort of got buried. But since “getting around to things,” is a big part of what I’m doing, this seemed like an easy pick.

I really enjoyed reading it. I like Rowell’s style a lot, and it was a lot of fun to try to match up which parts of the story matched up with the parts of Fangirl, thinking, “Oh right, it makes sense that Cath gave one of the main characters an estranged twin,” or “I bet Cath wrote this scene where Simon and Baz talk about how weird falling in love feels when she and Levi finally got together.”

But mostly I enjoyed reading it for it’s own sake. Rowell playing around with the cliches of a chosen one story was fun and it was neat to read a book that actually read like fanfiction. Very, very good fanfiction. (As opposed to say, Fifty Shades which reads like the ridiculous terrible fanfiction that it is. There is a place for that.) There’s a lot of Harry Potter style imagery tied in to the story (I mean, obviously, that’s what Simon Snow is supposed to be)

It was cool to get to know these characters who I’d previously only known second hand (third hand? As Rowell explained, Simon is a fictional fictional character, there’s a lot of meta going on in this book.) Agatha was probably my favorite, which I think is funny since I know from Fangirl that Cath is not a fan.

Sorry that this isn’t an overly analytical piece. I’m sitting in my hotel room in Nashville after a very fun but also very exhausting weekend visiting my cousin Kara (another resolution, do more things I wouldn’t normally do, like not sit at home on weekends.) I’ve also “gotten around” to rewatching Happy Endings. It’s been a whole lot of fun!

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