Anything Other Than Me: One Tree Hill Rewatch: Season 1 Episodes 6-10


Back again. I actually pretty much blew through Season 1 two weekends ago, this show is like crack to me, but I’m glad to have a few nights off as I move forward. Let’s Move Forward.

Season 1: Episode 6: “Every Night Is Another Story”

This is the first of my favorite kind of OTH episode. Non linear story telling. Well, at least the start of it. We start at the end, with Haley, Peyton and Brooke in Brooke’s car, rocking out. They come upon Lucas and Nathan on the road. Everyone is confused.

We flash back twelve hours and learn that everyone was heading to an away game. Peyton gives Lucas a mix to listen to on the bus. Nathan asks Haley to come, and she says she will if he gets a B on his next test. He does.

Then there’s a whole thing with Brooke having a twisted ankle and Nathan and Lucas getting kidnapped by a group of guys from the team they beat that night, because Whitey through them off the bus when their fighting during the game got them thrown out.

Basically, this episode is one of my favorites because it has Brooke’s analysis of their complicated relationship situations, and she christens Haley “Tutor Girl,” and Haley and Peyton’s friendship begins.

In adult land, Deb, Dan, Keith and Karen go to a small business owner’s dinner. Keith gets drunk and fights with Dan and then tells Karen he loves her. It’s the best.

I really love this episode a lot.

Season 1: Episode 7: “Life In A Glass House”

PEYTON AND LUCAS KISS. And then grope. And then Lucas gets all feelingsy, and Peyton scampers because feelings freak her out, all of a sudden.

This all happens at a party at The Scott homestead. Brooke is getting drunk and throwing herself at Lucas, and then Nathan, and then Jake. She is rebuffed and cranky. She finds a note that Haley gave Nathan with a study package. When Haley shows up to the party and Brooke embarrasses her by saying that Nathan passed the note around the party.

Haley runs off crying.

This is a weepy, plot filled episode.

Karen and Deb becomes friends, and Dan is not happy about it.

The episode ends with my favorite reveal of the series though, Jake, singing with his guitar, putting baby Jenny to bed.

Season 1: Episode 8: “The Search For Something More”

Karen’s going to Italy to go to cooking school and that’s great because I’m not really into Karen storylines. Keith stays with Lucas. That’s the story there.

But not important because Naley kissing for the first time. And they go on their first date, and it’s awesome. Brooke send them on a scavenger hunt and they go to dinner. Nathan of course blows it by denying that it’s a date to Tim. Haley gets, correctly annoyed by this, but then he shows up at her house the next morning and they kiss and it’s the best ever.

Brooke and Peyton decide to reset their relationship karma by going to a college party in slutty outfits. (It’s Brooke logic, it’s never airtight.) They go, they meet boys, Peyton gets roofied. Brooke saves her from rape, calls Lucas, he punches the guy in the face. Brooke and Lucas bond as Peyton sleeps it off, and as an ardent Team Brooke shipper, it gives me the shivers. The next day Brooke shows up to The River Court to watch Lucas play and we get another amazing OTH friendship is born when Brooke and Mouth get to chatting!

This is the One Tree Hill I love.

Season 1: Episode 9: “With Arms Outstretched”

Couples become official and virginities are lost. Also Nathan takes speed and we get our first Scott boy medical crisis when he collapses on the court.

Seriously, I love the turn around from “Nathan Scott: Rampaging Asshole” to “Nathan Scott: Adorable Perfect Cinnamon Roll” begins now and I love it. He’s trying his best to be good to Haley, to get out of the thick of it with Dan, and win basketball games. Which is why he takes Speed. That doesn’t really work.

Deb is burning the candle at both ends helping out with the cafe and Dan’s pissed about it.

Also Lucas and Brooke go out on a date. They play pool, they get drunk, and Lucas gets a tattoo. Keith freaks out and grounds him (rightly). But after the game I’m pretty sure they have sex. And then Peyton comes over to tell Lucas that she wants to get together after all. But it’s too late.

Also Deb kicks Dan out of the house and says that Nathan is staying with her…one emancipated Nate, coming up soon!

Season 1: Episode 10: “You Gotta Go There To Go Back”

Nathan and Haley didn’t have sex. He tells her he’s OK with waiting, because as I may have said, he’s into the whole Perfect Cinnamon Roll phase. Of course, the Naley bliss is broken up when Dan takes him away on a golf trip, that was meant to be a romantic weekend with Deb but you know, separated. They fight and Nathan bales.

Deb and Haley decide to have an open mic night at Karen’s Cafe, which goes really well. Haley enlists Peyton to help make fliers and then she offers to help distribute the. She runs into Gavin DeGraw at a copy shop, because Damnit we are in Tree Hill and reasonably popular recording artists hang out in the darndest places in this town. (This is the first time this happens, but it’s great, and I love that this trope is starting.)

Keith and Lucas talk about sex, but also about trust. Meanwhile, Whitey has cancelled basketball after the whole Nathan speed incident. So, Lucas is trying to get a game going at the River Court, and Jake turns him down, but introduces him to Jenny. Lucas points out that Jenny may later resent him for keeping her a secret, so he goes to the open mic night with her and sings. Also Gavin DeGraw sings “I Don’t Wanna Be.” After he sings Peyton and Jake flirt awkwardly!

Also Deb tells Dan if he doesn’t see a shrink, he won’t be allowed to see Nathan.

Overall Analysis of This Arc:

This is really when it becomes the show that I love. The weird musician cameos, the main triangle shifting from LucasPeytonNathan to PeytonLucasBrooke (it’s really a huge blessing, Hilarie Burton and James Lafferty have NO romantic chemistry.), obviously Naley, Haley hasn’t sung yet, but I think that might be it.

I forgot how fun the Deb and Dan marriage disintegration plot is, because this is when Dan was just an asshole complicated character and not the literal devil, as he would later become.

Also again, I just love Brooke. I love her hidden depths. I love that her friendships are more important to her than boys. I love that she’s just who she is. Brooke is the best!

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