I Couldn’t Help But Wonder

Sex and The City

Every couple of years I like to rewatch Sex And The City. Usually it’s when I need a hard reset on why I want to be a writer, start to feel complacent about my lack of a love life, or at the very least, feel like indulging in some whipped cream.

But here’s the thing about Sex And The City that always get forgotten. It isn’t whipped cream, not really. It’s a pretty nourishing show, well written, complicated, hilariously funny and brilliantly constructed.

Similar to Downton Abbey, I think that Sex And The City, gets written off out of hand becuase of sexism. It’s not the greatest show ever, but it’s as revolutionary as it’s network partner, The Sopranos.

Sorry, I could go on all day about that particular buggaboo of mine. (You know that Weeds told the same story as Breaking Bad, right? The exact same story. But it was about a woman…see, I can do this all day.)

But I see something new in SATC every time I watch it, which is why I keep watching it over and over again. There’s really nothing else like it, when it comes to telling stories about women. But this time, I found myself amazed by the backwards nature of the show.

I don’t mean it’s attitudes, which in many ways are ridiculously stuck in their time, I mean that it’s pretty much the opposite of most stories, this is the story of Carrie Bradshaw’s road to being an optimist. The Carrie of Season 1 is so deeply cynical, and as the seasons go on and as she falls in love, with Big, Aidan, and of course Aleksandr Petrovsky, her rough edges get sanded off.

It’s actually a really interesting character arc and so different. When Carrie starts to grow cynical she questions herself, her friends question her and the men in her life question her. I like it a lot. She’s a complex and interesting lead character. Who absolutely gets on your nerves, whines and makes infuriating mistakes. But I wouldn’t want a protagonist any other way.

The other thing that I really loved this watch through was Kim Cattrall’s really exceptional performance as Samantha. Samantha Jones is a character I blow hot and cold on. The out their sexuality often makes me uncomfortable, the constant puns are grating and it can get a little old. But Catrall, just owns everything about the role, particularly her season 6 cancer story line, which really affected me this time around.The episode where she shaves her head is incredible, funny, smart and beautiful.

I’ve always considered myself a Charlotte, but I know now that I’m somewhere between a Charlotte and a Miranda. Outwardly I’m the preppy princess, but I don’t think I believe in pure true fairy tale love the way Charlotte does, and I also value my independence and love my routine the way that Miranda does.

Anyway, it’s been a fun few weeks revisiting the show and I’m glad I did. I’m not watching the movies because, awful and I’m pretty badly sidelined with a cold this week and I’m going to Nashville this weekend. (I’m so excited about this.) So I apologize if things get a little slow around here.


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