Things I’m Obsessed With Right Now: You probably guessed it…

Hey all! It’s been a while since I hit on my obsessions so I figure it’s time to check in with them again. You probably know most of them, since me having, like, a life, has been getting in the way of a lot of obsessing these days.

  • The X-Files, but I’ve made that pretty clear. You can read all about that just about once a week. Or week and a half, I guess is a little more accurate. But I love it so much.
  • Speaking of The X-Files, The X-Files Files, I’m about halfway through Kumail’s season 3 coverage and I don’t know what I’m going to do when I’m out of episodes. Right now it’s my only source for new Kumail related content, with all his shows being out of season, and Indoor Kids being on hiatus…dude needs to release a special or something.
  • Jessica Jones. I mean, what? It’s so good. It’s so good I can barely talk about how good it is when people ask me if it’s good. I can just nod vigorously for the most parts. But it’s really, really good.
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens hype. Even if the movie itself isn’t good, this level of hype is insane. I remember the summer of The Phantom Menace and it was not this big. I’m starting in on movie rewatches next week. Which means another X-Files breather.
  • Hey! Speaking of The Force Awakens, Lin Manuel Miranda wrote the new Cantina Song. Seriously, there is no other perfect intersection between things that have formed my identity than young Broadway composers and Star Wars. Also check out the #Force4Ham. It’s pretty great.
  • Ignoring my building DVR list has become a thing. I’m very obsessed with pretending this doesn’t exist so that I can I watch more X-Files. I’m so close, I’m about halfway through season 7 now. I’ll finish soon and then back to regularly scheduled obsession, I promise!
  • The Martian, I’m reading the book now, and holy cow is it good. It’ll get it’s own post soon.
  • Hamilton is still going strong, although I’m listening to podcasts at work again, so I haven’t listened to it in like a week. This is likely to change.
  • How awesome I look in my new wig for my pending Jessica Jones cosplay!
Black Haired Reenie

I look hot right?

  • New York Wintercon! I’ll be hitting it on Saturday and Sunday. I’m excited to get to a con again, and even more excited to premiere my new Wonder Girl (Young Justice edition, natch) cosplay!
  • Captain America: Civil War trailer, and weird fan art of Tony crying that Aless has been sending me.
  • Other stuff that I can’t think of, because I’m too busy watching X-Files and squeeing over LIN WRITING A SONG FOR STAR WARS!!!!!!

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