Sailor Moon Super S: Hey! Plot! Episodes 158-161

Guys, you know all that plot that I was complaining about not having in this arc! It was like all in these four episodes. Hooray!

Super S

So, Chibi-Usa and Pegasus (AKA Helios AKA CATFISH!) are starting to be way more functional as a couple. I mean, looks, Chibi-Usa and Hotaru is OTP for me, but these two are very cute in these episodes. He explains that he’s the Prince of Elysion which is the dream world. His physical body is being held by Queen Nehelmina and I’m still not sure what her deal is exactly, but she’s definitely a nutjob. Meanwhile, everyone is running around being very embarassing to Chibi-Usa and trying to figure out who her boyfriend is when it is so very obvious that it’s Pegasus.

The overall theme of these episodes are growing up and maturity. Chibi-Usa wants to be an adult, and Usagi wishes she could be a kid again, so Palla-Palla sort of gives them their wish in the weirdest and creepiest body swap ever.

Everyone trying to figure out that Chibi-Usa is in love is very funny, and I particularly Mamo trying to get her to admit to it, and she’s just all, “DAAADDD, I’m glad you’re paying attention to me, but this is embarrassing.” She keeps it a secret though, which is nice.

Then the girls work at a coming of age ceremony and fight the Amazoness Quartet who think growing up is stupid. (With you there, ladies.) And then Nehelmina covers the earth in darkness and it make Mamo sick and Pegasus is all, “HEY MAYBE LEAVE THIS ALONE OK? THIS IS MY BATTLE,” and Chibi-Usa cries a lot.

We’re coming up on the end of Super S, and I’m ready to kind of be done with this arc. It’s not terribly strong and I’m ready for the final arc, mostly because I realized that when we get into that, I get to see Sailor Galaxia who I love! 

Sorry I was behind on this, but I was having an amazing time at Thanksgiving and catching up on X-Files, I hope everyone who celebrated had a great day, are still plenty full from feasting! Love you!

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