Sailor Moon Super S: Episodes 132 & 133: Do It For The Children!

I really am in awe of how tight this arc is so far. It’s just such a change from the past  and I don’t know how I feel about it. I mean, sure, not every episode is a big game changer, but pretty much every other episode is.

Super SIn our first episode we meet Mamoru’s college friends. Did you guys know that Mamoru had friends that weren’t Motoki, who he doesn’t really talk to much anymore? I sure didn’t! I assumed he spent all of his time sitting in his apartment waiting for Usagi and Chibi-Usa to come over and yell things at him.

Anyway, one of these friends is a pretty girl, and the other friend, the dude one, is sure she has a crush on Mamo-chan,  because of reasons? (Dude friend obviously likes Lady Friend.) Chibi-Usa is understandably shaken by this, because Lady Friend is very pretty and smart and mature, and what if Mamoru decides he’d rather that than you know, polar opposite of that Usagi, and she’s never born!

To Usagi’s credit, she doesn’t much care, which is major growth for her. In the end, Tiger’s Eye, obviously, targets Lady Friend, the Moons save her and Mamo (who doesn’t even get his tux on.) And Chibi-Usa’s mind is at ease.

In our second episode, Luna and Artemis are having a fight because Artemis has a crush on a cute nun, who Mamoru also might have a crush on.

I don’t think Sailor Moon understands how nuns work.

Anyway, Luna is upset, but won’t admit why, because, Oh My God you guys I totally don’t like Artemis like that, I just want to help Usagi become the best queen she can, be. Can we just stop talking about this? (Not Luna’s actual dialog, but pretty damn close.) So while the girls try to coax Luna to talk about her feelings, a very confused Artemis and Mamo have the strangest dude talk ever.

It’s made weirder when a little grey kitten pops up and introduces herself as Artemis’s daughter and he’s all “Wahh???” And Luna shows up and she’s all ragggeee! And I’m all, OMG Diana, finally!

Anyway, Tiger’s Eye shows up at the church and tries to seduce the nun, and OMG, Sailor Moon does not get how nuns work, at all. He does eventually look into her dreams, and surprise, surprise, no Pegasus. Artemis decides to defend her, but when the Lemure catches him, it incurs the wrath of Luna and Minako.

After the fight, Diana explains who she is and Chibi-Usa totes vouches for her.

I’m glad Diana’s here, because I love her and it’s nice for Chibi-Usa to have a cat friend.  But I can’t decide if my favorite part of the episode was hearing “The Lord’s Prayer” in Japanese. (I’ve heard it in Spanish, French, Italian, Latin and of course English, but never Japanese! It was cool!) Or Rei calling the pretty nun her “competition.” Took me a bit to get it, but that is hilarious.

But seriously, Sailor Moon does not get how nuns work. Like even a little bit. Or at least, the men of Sailor Moon don’t. I shouldn’t blame the show for the characters being dumb about real world stuff.

Still no outer Senshi. Still annoying.

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