Game of Thrones Winner: “Winter Is Coming”

Hey! It’s time for our first Game of Thrones throwback winner!

Who’s excited to go back to a simpler time in Westeros, where the worst thing that happened was Bran got shoved out a window and Jon Arryn was murdered, probably. Also remember when Theon was just really snotty and mean to Jon, and not like, the reason Westeros fell further into war torn chaos and everyone’s lives were completely ruined?

And Viserys…ugh, the very first definition of the worst. 

Anyway, who won? Here’s what’s going to be weird with this, is that the movements mean more knowing what they do in context. So winners are hard to pick.

That said, King Robert Baratheon!


For possibly the last time. (As we all know Robert doesn’t last long.) Robert Baratheon is the winner, as he gets what he wants here. Ned is going to be the Hand of The King and Sansa is going to be betrothed to Joffrey.

Which, I mean, it doesn’t turn out well, but it wasn’t the worst idea the man ever had. (Killing Rhaegar was a real bad one. Marrying Cersei, terrible, awful, worst idea ever.) 

Runner up goes to Danerys, because even though she doesn’t know it yet, and at the moment it really sucks, marrying Khal Drogo is going to be great for her. Just at first it sort of sucks.

It sort of really sucks.

Also, many more boobs in the beginning. And when we first meet Tyrion he’s getting a blow job.

This show has always been so classy right? Also HOLY CRAP I forgot how scary the wights are in the beginning.

Also, Baby Jon Snow.

I love him.

And Theon sucks.

And Robb…also kind of sucks.

This is going to be fun.

Missandei And Grey Worm Watch

We have not met them yet. I await them both eagerly.

Sansa’s Agency Watch

Sansa has more agency here than she’ll have for a long time. She convinces Cat to betrothe her to Joffrey. (HORRIBLE decision.) She also sews some things. Kind of forgot how annoying she is until season 2.

Arya Bad Ass Watch

NEW FEATURE! Because, right out the gate, Arya is doing bad ass crap. She’s all firing arrows and hitting targets that Bran can’t, and being snotty to the King and asking, “Where’s the Imp?” So, we’re going to catalog a series full of Arya being a bad ass!

So here we go, who’s excited? (I AM!) These will be landing every Wednesday…possibly to be moved if something else more compelling comes up for Wednesdays…that seems unlikely.

Winter is coming y’all…see you around!


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