Whatever It Takes

Degrassi: The Next Generation has been cancelled from TeenNick, and been picked up by Netflix.

But for a minute, the internet is really sad about it.

I’m really sad about it.

Everyone should be really sad about it.

Because Degrassi was wonderful.

I didn’t watch the show’s first few years, due to my lack of premium cable, but, by season 3, I used to go to my friend Ali’s house and we would have “Degrassi Parties,” and watch it with all of our friends. (We were really cool, in case you couldn’t tell…) The first episode I ever watched was when Manny and Craig had sex in his garage. (He got her pregnant, we didn’t know that yet.) In college, my roommates and I would watch the “every episode ever” marathons, because Degrassi invented binge watching.

Here’s how those worked: Around the clock TeenNick would show every episode of Degrassi, you would sit down to watch a couple and then all of a sudden it was twelve hours later, Ash and Craig had gotten back together five times, JT was dead and Paige was a lesbian. (Or bi? I think Paige was the first bi character I was really aware of in something.)

Yes, the writing is hamfisted, and the acting atrocious, and Ellie and Marco never got enough to do, and no one ever talked about Hazel’s sudden disappearance. (Seriously, where did Hazel and Terry go? They should have graduated with Paige, Ellie & Marco right?) But also, Manny Santos taught me that slut shaming was wrong, (I didn’t absorb the lesson right away…but still) and Paige’s college breakdown made me feel a little bit better about my own (I at least never set anything on fire), and JT was just the most devastating character death in the history of character deaths.

I dropped off watching in adulthood, mostly because I was tired of having to track the new characters. But I loved my Degrassi gang so much. Just, so very much.

I’m going to go cry about JT for a little bit.


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