I Wanna Be Your Superhero

Instead of a promotional picture, here are some of my favorite people dressed as characters from Entourage at my birthday party.

Instead of a promotional picture, here are some of my favorite people dressed as characters from Entourage at my birthday party.

I’m not going to apologize for liking Entourage, the TV show. The problem, and benefit of Entourage, the movie, is that it reminded me of everything good about the show.

Because there wasn’t enough of what was good about the show in the movie.

There was plenty of what was bad about the show in the movie. PLENTY.

But there were also snippets of what was great about the show. A multi cut early morning conversation about the state of Vinnie’s latest movie between Ari and Eric? That was there. Turtle trying to get a new girlfriend, who, now that he’s skinny and rich is still out of his league, because she’s great and he’s Turtle? That’s there. Vinnie standing by Drama for reasons that escape everyone’s comprehension, that’s absolutely there.

The things that aren’t so great? Lloyd is reduced to a punch line. Ari’s family barely exists. (And his daughter Sarah isn’t there at all, just his son, which is a real shame.) Vince’s ridiculous insecure ego, which created one of the situations for possibly the show’s greatest episode (“One Day In The Valley” Season 3, it’s amazing, I am watching it as I write this and you should watch it too.) makes the movie seem like a waste of time. Drama doing some C List celebrity thing (a leaked sex tape in this case). Eric’s commitment issues. These are all writ large in the movies.

The trouble with reducing a season of TV to two hours is that you lose the side issues. The problem with reducing a season of dumb TV to two hours is that all of the charm and fun  gets minimized and only the dumb stuff remains.

That said, if you’re a fan of Entourage, you should see the movie, if only to see the final moments, and to see Kevin Connolly finally get top billing. (Even if E is probably the worst part here.)

Also, Jeremy Piven was amazing.

Of course he was.


  1. Mad Max: Fury Road
  2. Tomorrowland
  3. Jurassic World
  4. Avengers: Age of Ultron
  5. Entourage
  6. Pitch Perfect: 2


We’re You’re Friends: Zefron as a DJ, I have no interest in this movie.

Trainwreck: ROMANTIC COMEDY WITH RISE AGAIN! And Amy Schumer will save it. This movie looks awesome.

Paper Towns: More stuff, I’m at least intrigued now, rather than apathetic, so that’s a thing.

Spectre: Come, like I’m not going to see it?


2 thoughts on “I Wanna Be Your Superhero

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie but also, I hadn’t been to the movies in like a year so I have no new movies to compare it to… Lol… Dom and I loved it though and I have been waiting for you to review it lol love you!


    • I liked more of it than I disliked, but I was frustrated because the things that I loved about the show felt sidelined compared to the things I disliked.

      I was also pretty drunk…I’m glad you liked it though!


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