Here’s The Sitch: Kim Possible Season 2 Episodes 28-30

Hey! Guess what I did this week? I finally finished season 2! (Which is why I pushed through to three this week, because, we were so close.)

Kim Ron Rufus

Season 2: Episode 28: “Ron Millionaire”

This week’s episodes are um…not the kindest to The Ron Man. I’m mostly OK with it.

In this one, Ron gets a check from Bueno Nacho, which gives him a lot of money in compensation for the creation of the Naco. Suddenly, Ron is off the rails pretentious, building himself an entourage, and dating Bonnie, who is obviously, only into him for the money. (She’s pretty upfront about this, to her credit.)

Meanwhile, Drakken is having financial troubles, so Shego is stealing him supplies that seem to coincide with Ron’s ridiculous purchases.

In the end, Drakken just steals Ron’s money, and he’s left with just Kim. He’s mostly OK with this.

Season 2: Episode 29: “Triple S”

I assume this episode came about because Disney was probably promoting The X Games pretty hard over on ESPN.

The Seniors hire a “financial adviser” who bilks them out of their money. To make ends meet, they begin selling tee shirts with the X-Games. Meanwhile, someone’s been robbing the adviser, Vinnie, and the person has a mysterious “555” tattoo, and killer extreme sports acumen.

Meanwhile, Ron is trying to get jock cred in order to get more dates. It doesn’t work. Kim and Ron head to the X-Games, and interview various extreme athletes. (All of whom voice themselves. Fun!) And it turns out that the culprit is Senior, and the “555” is in fact, “SSS.” Ron also invents a new extreme sport which gets him the jock cred, and makes him insufferable. (See a pattern?)

Season 3: Episode 30: “Rewriting History”

I love this episode because it plays with tropes in a way that very few shows can get away with.

On a trip to the Tri City Museum, Kim and Ron learn about their ancestors, who were best friends until, Kim’s great great Aunt, Mim Possible, was framed for stealing an invention. And Ron’s ancestor, Jon, was disgraced for trying to clear her name.

Oh, and the invention was stolen from Doctor Dementor’s ancestor, by Drakken and Shego’s, obviously.

And it turns out that it was all a dream in the end.

The episode is saved by Ron constantly screaming that “none of this makes any sense.”

Boo-Yas And Nacos

  • Kim describes Ron’s money madness as “way worse than when he got the froofy haircut.” I love a good call back.
  • Ron insists that his posse call him “The Ron.” Kirsten Storms reading of correcting herself after a glare from him might be my favorite thing she does on the show.
  • Ron doesn’t completely lose his heart. He hires Kim a squad of commandos which is nice.
  • Seriously, I find “Triple S” a completely useless episode, and I would like to not talk about it anymore.
  • God, I never realized that “Rewriting History” is so brilliant. The constant parade of everyone’s relatives and the interlocking story line are all great.
  • Wade’s great uncle Wayne is still alive. He helps Kim and Ron clear Mim’s name. Also, Barkin’s ancestor was a police chief and it’s adorable.

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