Sailor Moon Check In: Early! For Once!

Hey everyone. Shaking up the order of things, because, well, I feel like after this week’s Game of Thrones, we all needed a nice big shot of girl power. (Not That KP doesn’t have that in spades, it’s just not quite the same breed as Sailor Moon, so here we are.)

Sailor Moon


Still no! Surprisingly not a lot of manga at the convention this weekend…

Best Cartoon Ever Sorry Korra (AKA Sailor Moon: S)

I love this show so much. Just so much. It’s so wonderful. We finally get some plot movement this week.

Who knew how important Chibi-Usa was you guys? I mean…back when I was all “Denying that we share a name” and what not, I didn’t know how important and great she was to the story back then. (And also Rini is not her name, or frankly, mine.) Anyway, let’s talk about the episodes. We saw Haruka’s back story which was awesome and great. And so pretty and hey! Neptune and Uranus half transformation sequences. So pretty.

Also there was a whole think with Makoto and being worried about her powers. Or something. Mostly, I loved that that episode was all about the magical powers of Haruka and Michiru and how everyone is just super attracted to them. It’s fun.

Also, we finally know that the “talismans” that everyone’s been chattering about are three sacred items that lead to The Holy Grail.

Which, honestly? If Indiana Jones was looking for a darling pink cup with angel wings and hearts all over it, Last Crusade would have been a very different movie.

Also Chibi-Usa now has a boyfriend and he’s adorable, but he at first had a crush on Michiru, because of course he did.


This episode was a lot more fun that it should have been, but mostly because Venus’s little, “WHY CAN’T I DO THE THINGS?” hissy fit was adorable and there was some decent action, mostly revolving around Usagi finally getting her poop together and transforming, in spite of all the malefic black energy around and Demande still being super gross and rapey and whatnot.

Also Chibi-Usa is now Dark Lady and Mamoru is all encased in a bubble, presumably being conditioned to make out with her and what not. because gross.

I think I know why the Black Moon Arc always seemed off to me. It screams of imperialistic grossness. I think Demande and his ilk were on Nemesis previous to Wise Man, Death Phantom, whatever you want to call him, being banished there by Neo Queen dumby face right? It’s like Crystal Kingdom Australia? And they’re like the Aboriginal peoples? And then he manipulated them and also Serenity was shitty to them?

You get what I’m saying. NO ONE IS RIGHT HERE! Except Pluto, who is in the “beautiful cinamon roll too good for this world” camp.

Other Stuff

I bought a Sailor Mars Plush, because look how cute she is!


So cute!


I spent more money than I’m proud of on her, but she’s just really cute. Also I saw a group of girls as the Babs Tarr Biker Scouts, which was very fun!


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