Pitch Perfect 2

Special Saturday Post! Hooray! (I am currently enjoying myself at Atlantic City Boardwalk Con, hit me up on twitter or facebook if you’re there too!)

I figured it was best not to wait over long to review Pitch Perfect 2, partly because I didn’t want to lose the details of it, and also because if I get too backed up, well, I get backed up. After two weeks of being behind, I’m ready to catch up again.

I wasn’t expecting a lot out of Pitch Perfect 2, mostly because I went into Pitch Perfect expecting very little and was then completely surprised by how delightful it was, and that element of surprise was gone, as was it’s “underdog” feel, and because comedy sequels generally suck.

Pitch Perfect 2 doesn’t suck. At all. It’s really very competent. There are laughs galore and the music is great, and Anna Kendrick is acerbic, and Brittney Snow is obsessive and Rebel Wilson is wacky.

The plot (such as it is) involves the Bellas being stripped of their Championship status, and needing to get back on top by winning the Acapella World Championship. The larger stakes are sort of fun,  but loses the intimacy of the Bellas just trying to beat their own personal haters. Meanwhile, Beca is interning with a producer and her split focus is causing her stress.

We get a fun new character, Emily (Hailee Steinfeld), a legacy Bella who wants to be a songwriter, and who grew up hearing her mother talk about her fun times with the group. Said mom is played by Katey Sagal which is fun, but who is wasted, by not actually singing. (Seriously, the woman has pipes.) There’s a C plot of Fat Amy realizing that she actually has feelings for Bumper, which is cute, and we’re mercifully spared a Beca/Jesse breakup. The fact that their love story has always been relatively low drama beyond, “Beca is learning to open up to people, and he is one of said people,” is a fun detail.

The Bellas main rivals are a German group Das Sound Machine, who are a lot of fun if fairly predictable.

The movie has a lot of fun moments and tons of cameos. Most of the music is really good, with a few head scratching moments. Elizabeth Banks did a pretty good job directing, particularly making sure that the comedy had room to breath, and Keegan Michael Key runs away with his role of “Beca’s Boss.” (Seriously, that’s how he’s credited.)

All in all? I wouldn’t turn the movie off if I came across it, but if there’s something else on, I’m watching the something else.

There is a series of scenes at a wilderness retreat and seeing Anna Kendrick sing at a camp again was nostalgic for me. (She didn’t poison anyone this time though…sigh.)


  1. Avengers: Age Of Ultron
  2. Pitch Perfect 2


Insidious Chapter 3: I don’t do horror. This trailer was scary enough for me.

Paper Towns: I’m sure it’s good. I’m sure The Fault In Our Stars was good. I’m too old for this…I can’t help it. I don’t get the whole John Green thing. But good for teenagers. Teenagers should have things.

Ricki and The Flash: This is going to be my new favorite movie I think. There are going to be scenes where Meryl Streep and Audra McDonald act together. Because Jesus loves me.

Jem And The Hollograms: It looks good? I guess? It doesn’t look like Jem, but I think that’s OK. As long as the words, “Truly outrageous” are uttered once, I’ll be cool.


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