Here’s The Sitch: Kim Possible Season 2: Episodes 24 & 25

It’s taken a bit of work, but I really am getting close to being back on schedule. (My latest obsession is not helping, but it’s OK.) Every week when I go to watch Kim Possible, I start wondering why I’m doing this, and then I watch the episodes and I remember it’s because, I really do love this show. I love it so much, and this week’s episodes are not exceptions, at all. They are unbelievably stellar.

Kim Ron Rufus

Season 2: Episode 24: “Oh Boyz”

Senor Senior Senior wants to give Junior a doomsday device for his birthday. Junior is uninterested and only wants to be an international pop sensation. Senior decides that he can totally make this happen, there are easy ways, but he’s going to prefer the evil way.

Kim, Monique and all the other girls at school are wildly obsessed with The Oh Boyz, who are a fantastic boy band, and after a week when the mania fades, Ron has jumped on the bandwagon. Kim and Ron head to an Oh Boyz show, which is completely abandoned.

The guys themselves have been displaying ridiculous Diva behavior, driving their manager crazy and Ron sneaks backstage, determined to show the group his rockin dance moves. They do not care and are mostly annoyed by him. During the show (for just Kim? The empty stadium gag is sort of fun but doesn’t quite have legs), they’re kidnapped by the seniors, who accidentally nab Ron.

Kim tracks them down, but the guys have basically already saved themselves with the power of music and friendship, and Ron is now hugely popular due to his involvement with the Oh Boyz…so there’s that.

Season 2: Episode 25A: “Sick Day”

Half sized episodes are almost always a delight. In this little adventure, Kim must protect a top secret super powerful Ray X from Shego and Drakken, while the whole group (Tweebs, Kim, Shego & Ron) pass a cold around.

Drakken’s plan to steal the ray as Kim sneezes is ingenious, and the Tweebs mitigating their guilt for giving Kim a cold in the first place by going out on mission on their own is really cute. (And that they get captured by Drakken’s temp is also a great deal of fun.)

Season 2: Episode 25B: “The Truth Hurts”

Another Drakken super ray! This time it’s zapped victims are required to tell the truth. This winds up being a huge problem for Kim, who blurts out a lot of problematic things, and a boon for Ron, who’s new found honesty makes him a school hero.

I’d say there’s some kind of comment about gender politics, and women’s honesty being a “problem” and men’s being, “brave,” and I’m sure the show is making that point, but mostly it’s just good old fashioned slapsticky fun.

Boo-Yas & Nacos

  • The Oh Boyz are a perfect boy band send up. One member is named “Nicky-Nick,” which, I mean, come on. He also happens to be voiced by Joey Fatone, and “Robby” is voiced by Lance Bass. Who, if you are unaware were members of NSYNC, who, if you don’t know, spawned Justin Timberlake. Also, the snippets of Oh Boyz videos for “Hello, Hello, Hello” and “My Way” are only marginally more ridiculous than actual boy band videos.
  • The Oh Boyz are such a difficulty and maintaining them costs so much money, that their manager decides life is better with them as the Seniors prisoner. This is a very dark and very funny joke. Also, the manager is voiced by David Cassidy, which is both great, and hilarious. (If you’ve never watched The Partridge Family I recommend it. Ridiculous fun.)
  • In the end Junior gets his dream, performing Oh Boyz songs for villains in prison. Shego, Drakken, Monkey Fist and Killigan are appalled, his father is very proud and DNAmy seems sorta into it.
  • I really, really love the Ray X stealing scene, it’s brilliantly done and so much fun to watch.
  • Ray X actually cures the common cold. The Irony is lost on no one, but Ron really hates it.
  • Kim’s honesty becomes a real problem when she spills the unfiltered truth to her father’s bosses at the lab. But when it’s revealed that she rescued the head of the lab, it winds up being a boon.
  • I’m serious about the boy/girl honesty divide, I think there’s something there.
  • Hey, Will Friedle is on Girl Meets World this week. I’m going to be at Atlantic City Boardwalk Con, but I’ll do my best to watch the DVR’d episode and report on Eric’s return.

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