Here’s The Sitch: Kim Possible Season 2 Episodes 22 & 24

So I’m back on track this week. Seriously, it’s been an amazing few days, and I know the next two weeks are going to be even more great.

But all of that stuff has next to nothing to do with Kim Possible, so I won’t get into all of that here.

Kim Ron Rufus

Season 2 Episode 22 “Blush”

Ah, Josh Mankey. The bizarre, fading out love interest that no one cares about.

I actually like Josh for Kim a lot and I’ve always felt like he deserved a bit more fanfare, but “Blush” is a fun episode that shows our girl finally getting to go on a date with the guy she’s been crushing on, well, forever.

There are of course complications, Drakken has decided he’s finished with Kim foiling him at every turn, so he decides to dose her with a rare pollen that will cause her to actually disappear each time she gets embarassed. He then deploys some embarrassment ninjas on her date to embarrass her to death.

Meanwhile, Ron and Wade go to find an antidote.

It’s a fun little bit of fluff, and as I’ve said, I have affection for Mankey, even if, in the end, there isn’t a whole lot to him.

Season 2 Episode 23 “Partners”

It’s time for the gang to do a science project and Kim and Monique are determined to be partners and not have to work with Ron, who never carries his weight. But in the end Barkin assigns the partners randomly and Monique gets stuck with Ron and they wind up in a giant game of chicken, not getting the project done.

Kim is paired with a super science nerd named Justine who won’t let her do any work. To over achieving Kim, this is a disaster.

Meanwhile, Drakken and DNAmy team up to build a monster to, take over the world I guess? They wind up synthesizing a dinosaur, Drakken falls for Amy, and both science project teams get it together to use their projects to help beat the dino.

In the end, Kim and Justine make up, and Ron and Monique build a volcano. Also, Amy spurns Drakken for Monkey Fist, who it turns out, she gave his monkey feet and hands. Who knew.

Boo Ya’s And Nacos

  • This might be the last time we see Mankey. A worthy send off for a character that never really matter.
  • Ron is jealous of Josh for the first time here, and it’s kind of cute. “Did you ever notice that Mankey is but one vowel away from Monkey?”
  • Justine is voiced by Mayim Bialik! That’s fun.
  • Ok, seriously, though? How fun is it that Amy is so in demand in the super villain community. Good for her.
  • Shego teases Drakken about Amy and that is also really super cute.

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