Game Of Thrones Winner: “Sons Of The Harpy”

Hello everyone.

May The Fourth Be With You.

Let’s talk about Game of Thrones, now.

It’s time for us to name a winner.

This season has been hard to name winners for. Because most of the episodes have been fractured. But as I thought about it, I was really excited to name this week’s winner, because this week, the winner of The Game of Thrones is



This week, Grey Worm got into a battle with a whole bunch of Sons of the Harpy and killed the crap out of them and was generally a bad ass.

I mean, look, you all know how I feel about Grey Worm, so I was really excited to give him the win this week. I prefer him when he’s being adorable but I like him when he’s being a bad ass too.

Runner up:

Stannis. Who told Shireen about how he wouldn’t let her die when she had greyscale, and that he loved her and that she’s a princess and  badass and hugged her.

I totally cried because Fathers and Daughters nearly always make me cry.

Missandei and Grey Worm Watch

Nothing, but as stated above, Grey Worm was a badass. Perhaps they will cuddle and she will stroke his head and sing to him. He’s earned it.

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