The MCU So Far: What I Know Going Into Ultron

Age of Ultron

As much as I consider myself a completeist, there are actually very few things that I’ve absorbed as fully and as obsessively as I have The Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It’s pretty much just Harry Potter, now that I think about it.

This makes sense, because, Harry Potter opened my world to the idea of fandom, but The MCU, the MCU taught me about nerd culture, and forged unbreakable bonds with characters and a world that I’m thrilled to know so much about.

So yes, I am one of those annoying fans who DEMANDS to know when we will see Skye and Darcy have coffee sometimes. (Oh shut up, you want it to.) I can make detailed cases for everyone that you ship Black Widow with. (If she’s meant to be with Bruce Banner in Ultron, why the arrow necklace in Winter Soldier? WHAT KIND OF GAME ARE YOU PLAYING FIEGE?)

So here’s what I know from watching the movies and from Agents Of Shield and Agent Carter and Daredevil and various 1 Shots, that will make up our status quo for tonight, as far as I can see it:

  • The Avengers are coming together at Coulson’s behest. That’s what Theta Protocol is.
  • Loki’s alive but everyone thinks he’s dead. He has that in common with Nick Fury and Coulson.
  • Thor’s currently living in London with Jane. Remains Thor though. Which is cool.
  • SHIELD has various Hulk containment facilities. These are also useful for Inhumans.
  • Imhumans are a thing.
  • Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver may or may not be Inhumans. Probably aren’t. Joss seems to really hate Agents stuff, which seems mean to his brother and sister in law. I’m just saying.
  • Captain America and Falcon are out Bucky hunting. They will, presumably, stop for a while to fight Ultron.
  • Tony has no Iron Man suits as he blew them all up. Also no more arc reactor in his chest to fuel suits even if he had them. This will assuredly be problematic.
  • The 10 Rings is a real organization that kidnapped and killed The Fake Mandarin and this probably has no bearing on Ultron at all.
  • Howard Stark had a lotta guilt about not saving Steve. This is probably what made him such a lousy father. Also HYDRA killed him.
  • The Black Widow program has been around for a while.
  • New York is really crime ridden after The Battle Of New York. There’s a blind dude with super senses and a crime kingpin. I doubt they’ll figure into the story, but who knows.
  • Maria Hill works for Stark Industries. I imagine she does a great deal of sighing and eye rolling.
  • Natasha Romanov’s covers are all out in the open because she Edward Snowdened herself.
  • Hawkeye is, um around.
  • Captain America lost his shield, but has a new one. Presumably he got this because they got more vibranium, which is from Wakanda, which is where Black Panther is from…
  • Spider-Man is a thing in this universe now. But he’s in high school. And probably not Spider-Man yet. And is definitely not Miles Morales.

So, that’s where we are.



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