Here’s The Sitch: Kim Possible Season 2 Episodes 20 & 21

Guys, is it just me or does Season 2 seem interminable? I mean, I love it, but it’s a long season. There are still 9 more SEASON 2 episodes. Again, now that I’m all done with the MCU write ups, this isn’t quite as daunting. (I was also home sick yesterday so got a lot of DVR cleanout done, which is a huge relief and opens up a ton of viewing schedule time too, so this is going to feel less overwhelming going forward.) Anyway, here we are.

Kim Ron Rufus

Season 2: Episode 20 “Go Team Go!”

Kim Possible doesn’t spend a whole lot of time on back story, pretty much everyone gets one episode to establish who they are in relation to the team and other than that, we’re all just sort of supposed to go along for the ride.

But that changes a little bit in season 2, because we start to know more about Kim herself, about the villains, and about how her world operates

So when Kim and Ron go to Go City to visit the first ever Grande Bueno Nacho, it’s really kind of a surprise that they have their own superhero team, Team Go! It’s even more of a surprise that the team is made up of Shego’s brothers and that Shego was once among them.

When Kim, Ron and Hego (the oldest of Shego’s brothers) are attacked by Aviarius, a bird themed villain, and Kim winds up with Hego’s super strength through power transference, they have to get switched back. We also meet the self absorbed Mego and the multiplying twins Wego.

In the end, they team up with Shego and when she gets all of her brother’s powers, she decides to keep them for herself, because, hey, this is Shego we’re talking about. But in the end everyone gets their powers back, and Shego goes home to Drakken.

It’s actually a pretty stellar episode, especially visually, but also skewers the Fantastic 4 in a really loving and fun way. Hego is all superhero bluster and it becomes increasingly clear to Kim and Ron why Shego is estranged from her family, even if she wasn’t evil.

Season 2: Episode 21 “The Full Monkey”

Ron’s monkey phobia is one of his stranger character quirks and it’s also always fun to see the lengths to which Monkey Fist will go to achieve ultimate monkey mastery, and shaking up the match ups is a lot of fun.

Kim and Ron track Monkey Fist to China, where he’s trying to steal a pendant that will imbue him with the powers of The Monkey King, but Kim gets the amulet instead. It’s picture day and she’s turning into a monkey. Also there’s a cheer off, and Josh Menkey is back which is fun, I guess.

When Kim accidentally thinks that an actual monkey is Kim, he is determined that he won’t let this change their friendship. Which is sweet, in a misguided Ron way. Anyway, Kim fights Monkey Fist, which is fun, because Ron normally fights Monkey Fist. And she gets back to normal. But Monkey Kim is sort of adorable. And Ron’s bond with his new monkey pal has cured his phobia.

Boo-Yas And Nacos

  • Mego is voiced by Christopher McDonald! You know, Shooter McGavin! He does a great job with the voice. Fred Savage is Wego. I’m not sure how in a Kevin Bacony way that relates him to Will Freidle, but they’re basically brothers right?
  • The Go City Bueno Nacho does not serve the Naco. Ron is very upset about it.
  • Kim using super strength is very fun, but the episode pretty much belongs to Drakken, who does not understand what’s going on with Shego, at all, but does save her.
  • This is actually one of Monkey Fists’s more reasonable plans, which is saying something.
  • It’s always interesting when they bring Menkey out again, and when Ron tries to push the Monkey he thinks is Kim onto Josh, it’s beyond amusing.
  • This is the second time that Ron has befriended a monkey, and yet he still fears them…strange.

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