Game Of Thrones Winner: “High Sparrow”

“The North Remembers”

There is literally not a more important concept in Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire than that one. There’s a reason why most of the, you know, good people, are from the North.

Or at least morally consistent people.

I mean, Jon Snow.

Jon Snow is from the north.

Yes, two weeks in a row, Jon is our winner.



For a guy who knows nothing that’s quite a victory

The problem was that there wasn’t a lot of triumph in this episode except for the ickiest wedding night ever between Margaery and Tommen. (12 HE’S SUPPOSED TO BE 12 YEARS OLD…ick) So Jon standing his ground and executing Jonas Slynt is the closest we’ve got to a win.

Runner up goes to Sansa: Because there’s nothing “winning” about having to marry Ramsay Bolton, but striding into Winterfell like she owns the place, because she does and then that servant welcoming her back as “Lady Stark” was Bad ASS.

The North remembers.

Missandei and Grey Worm Watch

No Khalessi storyline this week, so no Missandei and Grey Worm.



7 thoughts on “Game Of Thrones Winner: “High Sparrow”

  1. but the North remembers Sansa! I’m so into her his season, but yes, Jon too.

    I was trying to figure out how old Margaery and Tommen were supposed to be that whole time. Creepy cougar.


      • I was freaking out about the books too, because we have deviated so much at this point. I’m not quite caught up in terms of the books, but I know the general direction and I know that this is not it


  2. I believe Tommen has been aged up and is supposed to be 17, if that helps lol

    Also, is Sansa in Winterfell? I didn’t realize Winterfell was surrounded by swamp like that.


    • That, um. helps a little I guess. He just looks like SUCH a baby. Which again, I know is sort of the point but the whole thing gives me the squicks.

      Sansa is in Winterfell. She was in the crypt this week honoring Lyanna (and presumably her father, mother and brothers, even though they aren’t buried there and 2 of them aren’t actually dead, but Sansa doesn’t know that…she knows very few things…not quite nothing…)


      • *lol* he definitely has a baby face.

        We were wondering where they were that Lyanna was buried there. My husband and I were very confused. I thought Winterfell was a mess after they burned the whole thing.


      • Yeah, Winterfell is a mess, but also, it’s Winterfell, so even burned it’s not DESTROYED, just, not as stalwart as it once was.

        But there’s a Stark there now, so that should help things.


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