Sailor Moon Check In: Catching Up

God, this week’s been busy, and sleepy. But I managed to get Sailor Moon in, which is great. The good news is that after next week, my viewing time is back to normal, what with not having to watch Marvel movies all the time.

Anyway, not the point.

Sailor Moon


Yeah, right, and monkeys might fly out of my butt. – The Immortal Wayne Campbell

The Best Cartoon I’ve Ever Watched, Sorry Korra

There was a lot of, “oh yeah, that makes sense” in these four episodes.

Like duh, Makoto has a crush on Haruka, because, that’s what Makoto does, she gets crushes.

And Ami isn’t sure whether to focus on school, or being a Sailor Senshi or being a good friend, because seriously, if you were Ami, that would be a tough choice.

And Haruka’s in a motocross tournament because it’s the 90’s and EXTREME SPORTS! Also, like duh, Usagi totally doesn’t get the concept of detachment, because she’s Usagi.

And Yuchiro is, a character.

I sort of forgot he existed.

Anyway, that’s what I took away. It was slightly better in terms of content, filler wise, and I really can’t get get too mad at any run of episodes that features Michiru LITERALLY PLAYING THE VIOLIN IN THE MOONLIGHT WHILE ROSE PETALS SWIRL AROUND YUCHIRO, but I’m also ready to see Saturn, and I miss Chibi-Usa…

Didn’t think I’d ever miss Chibi-Usa, good thing she’s hanging around in…


Seriously, I love time travel shenanigans so freaking much and this episode fulfills all that fun stuff. As Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus & Tuxedo Mask learn all about Crystal Tokyo and Chibi-Usa and the future there’s all kinds of good stuff. Plus a decent battle with The Black Moon and the first hint of Prince Diamande and his creepy rapey intentions.

But seriously, I can’t decide which made me laugh more, Luna and Artemis’s reaction to finding out that Diana was their daughter or Minako’s reaction to finding out that Chibi-Usa was a result of Usagi and Mamoru doing the nasty in the past-y. (All possible Futurama references must be made at all times.) But all reactions to these pieces of news are adorable.

Next time around I’ll probably be a little more engaged, but I can’t promise anything. The next few months, and specifically the next few weeks are really busy for me. I’m doing my best to push through everything I do regularly though.

The Moon is The Messenger of Love


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