Rewatching The MCU: Phase 2.1: Iron Man 3 & Thor: The Dark World

Sigh, as I rewatched these  movies on Monday night, I realized how, not into Phase 2.1 I am. I mean, I loved the movies when I saw them, and Thor: The Dark World is actually one of those movies that gets better when you watch it a second time, because it’s, actually pretty complicated. Which, given Thor is probably the least complicated movie of Phase 1, is something, I guess.

Iron Man 3

Ironman 3

I like Iron Man 3 a lot. It’s one of those movies that I just grin through, it’s just so much damn fun. Change is the watchword as Tony works through his PTSD, Pepper runs Stark Industries and Happy, um, is generally listless.

Rhodey’s the same, although the paint job and rebranding are such a fun run in the movie. Particularly when Tony mentions it to Harley who thinks, “The Iron Patriot” is “so much cooler,” than “War Machine.” Tony responds that “it’s really not.”

And speaking of Harley, let’s just talk about this kid for a minute. I love this kid. I’m so excited to see this kid fight dinosaurs in Jurassic World this summer. Watching RDJ with this kid is so much fun, and so very worth the price of admission on this movie.

As is Pepper’s arc here. Yes, Pepper Potts has always been the gold standard for how superhero significant others should be written in any movie. With their own agency, and goals, but still solid supporting characters, lending everything to the main narrative. (Amy Adams’s Lois Lane in Man of Steel is also an excellent example of how to do this.) But there’s nothing in the world as amazingly satisfying as watching Pepper, infected with extremis kick the crap out of Killian. It’s a really great moment, followed by the excellent explosion of all of Tony’s suits.

MCU Bits

  • You feel the lack of Coulson here. It’s sad really. I wish they’d subbed Maria in, just for some lightness, you know?
  • It’s revealed in the post credit that the movie is just Tony recounting these events to Bruce Banner and it’s awesome, I’d like to think that Rhodey is talking to Steve at this point, detailing how impossible trying to run a mission with Tony is.
  • I hope we see more of Harley, I once heard someone suggest a Power Pack story centering around him. I think that could be fun. I also wouldn’t mind seeing a certain um, New Jerseyian teenager team up with him. (Kamala, I mean a Kamala/Harley team up.)

Thor: The Dark World

thor the dark world poster


Seriously, the first time I saw this movie I wasn’t sold on it, the second time I got why it was the way it was and now I’ve seen it enough times, that I don’t really care. It’s a beautiful film, visually though, so we can focus on that.

Every costume, every inch of Asgard, every battle sequence, is stunningly crafted.

Also there’s Tom Hiddleston, who as I mentioned last week, is still pretty GD amazing in this role. I mean, look, I get why people are sick of the Loki Love (I mean, assume they are, I don’t see how, he’s awesome!) Loki’s journey in this movie from arrogance, to despair and back again is something to behold. Which shouldn’t take away from Chris Hemsworth.

Thor is a pretty flat character, there’s just not a lot of there, there. But Hemsworth gives him something, a heart, among other things, but it’s a pretty remarkable performance with all things considered.

MCU Bits

  • Loki’s Captain America impersonation remains my favorite thing in this movie.
  • Renee Russo, Natalie Portman, Jamie Alexander and Anthony Hopkins are all also great. I feel like Russo doesn’t get enough credit for Freyja. She did such a wonderful job with her, really and truly.
  • Darcy and Jane talk about SHIELD a lot, and this make sense, as they’re probably two of the only non agents to work for the organization that we’ve ever seen. (Jane was sent to a SHIELD observatory during Avengers, I assume that Darcy went with her, for fun.)

Can you believe that we’re just over a week away from Ultron? I’m really freaking out about it.


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