Here’s The Sitch: Kim Possible Season 2: Episodes 18 & 19

Hey hey hey. We’re back in Middleton for the week. I was away for the weekend again. (This keeps happening, having a real life is getting in the way of blogging in a big way. Ugh.) But I managed to get the episodes in. (Did not manage Sailor Moon, so I might have to delay or do a special Saturday post for that…it depends on what this week winds up looking like.)

Anyway, Kim Possible.

Kim Ron Rufus

Season 2: Episode 18 “Hidden Talent”

One of the best things about The Disney Channel Girls is that they are, for the most part, all multi talented. They all act, sing, dance, have wholesome all American good looks.

“Hidden Talent” wasn’t the first time that Disney Channel took advantage of Christie Carlson Ramano’s considerable musical chops. (That goes to the brilliant musical episode of Even Stevens, “Influenza!” You now have, “We Went To The Moon,” stuck in your head. You are welcome!)

This episode centers on Ron and Kim deciding to show Bonnie a thing or two, regarding the school talent show. Ron signs Kim up after Bonnie brags about winning being a “Rockwaller family tradition,” and then showing off her sick ballet skills. Kim’s going to sing, but we learn she tends to crack on the high notes.

There’s a vague mission with Shego and Drakken, nothing worth writing home about, because the main conflict is with Bonnie.

Kim doesn’t win the talent show, because Ron does. (He basic Vaudevilles the hell out of the show while buying Kim time) but she gets a personal victory by getting through her song without cracking.

Season 2: Episode 19 “Return To Camp Wannaweep”

The Mad Dog Cheer Squad has been invited to a very special cheer camp. Everyone is really excited, but Ron has an icky feeling about it, and he’s right to.

It turns out that the brand new Camp Gottagrin, is just Bad Old Camp Wannaweep, with a fresh coat of paint, and a cleaned out lake. Kim assures Ron that everything’s going to be OK, but remember, this is a place of evil.

Compounding Ron’s anxiety is the fact that Gil (back to one “l”) is also at the camp, now rehabilitated and working as his school’s mascot. Ron’s not convinced that change is for real, and given their past can you really blame him? Kim again, assures her friend that everything is cool.

It isn’t, of course, because Gil actually planned the whole Gottagrin business to get back to the lake and remutate. He does so, and goes about converting the other campers, but Ron fights him (after becoming a giant Beaver, natch) and they get him back to the science guy who was treating him to begin with.

Also, Kim and Bonnie are competing over a spirit stick that neither of them winds up winning. It’s a fun little B plot, but two episodes in a row of Kim and Bonnie competing is a little bit much, and not a great light on Kim’s character.

Boo-Yas and Nacos

  • The song Kim sings is “Say The Word,” which was most definitely on my first I-Pod and many an early high school mix CD. I was really into this show, and we’re smack dab in the middle of the stuff I remember best and loved the most.
  • Some of Ron’s acts include a soft shoe with Rufus, a magic act and ventriloquism. Barkin says his win is “quantity over quality” but that soft shoe is damn adorable and deserves every bit of adulation it gets.
  • The competition over the spirit stick is fun, but I cheered for years and never saw one of these things. I mean, I never went to camp, so I’m not saying that they aren’t real, it’s just before Bring It On they were probably a weird cheer camp thing, that now the rest of the world knows about. Which I know was sort of the point of Bring It On, but still, it’s always bugged me.
  • The other mascots think of Ron as a legend, which is cute. But even this does not cheer him up.

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