Rewatching The MCU: We Need A Little Old Fashioned: Captain America: The First Avenger & The Avengers

I think we’re into the movies I have seen more than any others. I don’t even know how many times I’ve watched The Avengers or Captain America, but it’s a lot. I’m pretty sure they’re still my favorites.

Captain America: The First Avenger

I'm going to watch it all of the times!

I still marvel (hah!) at the fact that they had to ask Chris Evans multiple times to play Captain America, and I’m still always overwhelmed with joy that he did say yes.

There just aren’t many actors who can pull off saying the word, “swell” unironically anymore and he’s the kind that can. Which is why he’s perfect as Captain America. It’s also a testament to this movie and this studio that, after 13 hours of Daredevil I was able to exhale and know that I was getting something completely different even within the same genre and world when I settled in to watch The First Avenger.

I feel like the sheer amazing-ness of Winter Soldier has lead people to forget what a treat First Avenger is. And how perfect it was to hand it over to Joe Johnston. Who made The Rocketeer and thus defined the large swaths of my childhood not defined by Star Wars and The Princess Bride. His feel for all things vintage is unparalleled and I love him for it. Which is why the details of this movie, every uniform, every hairstyle, and that damn catchy Alan Menken USO song are so phenomenally perfect.

And also Hayley Atwell. I forgot how really and truly great she is in the role of Peggy Carter. She really did earn Marvel’s first female title character with her brilliant, bad ass, funny performance here.

MCU Bits

  • Everytime Sebastian Stan was on screen my hurt broke into tiny itty bitty pieces. Also, MCU gives really good bromance. (For more information on MCU bromances, tune in tomorrow for my Daredevil coverage.)
  • The SSR which would evolve into SHIELD is on full display here. (Katie, if you’re reading, can super organizations evolve in your opinion? I’m just curious.)
  • I always forget that opening scene where Coulson and that other guy find Cap in the ice. Like always forget it. I assume, every time I start the movie that we’re going to see Red Skull in Norway immediately.
  • I do always remember that rather than a post credit scene we get that super fun Avengers teaser. To this day, I still think, “Some Assembly Required,” is the greatest tag line ever. It also reminded me that there was a time when I wasn’t sold on Loki as the main villain in The Avengers. Seriously, I remember saying, “I just don’t think it’s going to work.”

The Avengers


Guys, it’s the movie that launched The Fangirl’s Dilemma! Kind of hard to believe how much has changed since I railed on it for feeling too much like the Buffy finale right? But yes, three movie seasons ago, before I even had movie season mapped out the way I do now, and long before I had any idea of this blog being anything other than a place to chat about, well, The Avengers, without annoying my family.

Also The Dark Knight Rises.

Anyway, looking back on it, The Avengers really is an even bigger achievement than it even was that fateful summer when it was everywhere. A lot of pop culture centric people talk about the things that “changed their lives,” and I often roll my eyes, which is hypocritical, because when it comes to The Avengers this is true for me.

This movie changed everything for me. I didn’t want to be a casual fan anymore. I wanted to be the friend who people asked when they needed clarification. And so I became the girl who tracked every Coulson Lives rumor she could find, who watched these movies over and over again. Who wrote about the relationship between Loki and Thor with the same care once only reserved for Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. I was in, after The Avengers, and now three years later, we are where we are.

Thanks for taking the ride with me.

MCU Bits

  • Let’s just talk about Loki for a minute OK? Or Hiddleston. Let’s talk about Tom Hiddleston and how gob smacking amazing of an actor this man is. He does not have an off moment in this movie, and it’s glorious to watch. Where would genre be without classically trained British Actors taking it seriously?
  • Coulson’s death hit me really hard this time, even though I know how soon he’ll be back, but also, I mean, I love Agents, but Coulson 2.0 is not the same guy, and I miss this guy. I also just want Pepper to know he’s alive, because I love that they’re buddies.
  • RDJ is the rock that holds the MCU together. I don’t care. I love all the others, but it’s him, he’s the guy. Disney and Marvel better keep backing up the money truck, because I don’t see how this all works without him. I just don’t.
  • Samuel L. Jackson, also quite important.
  • ScarJo’s black widow hair is best in this movie, and I wish they’d kept the short curly look. I’m not a fan of her Winter Soldier hair. To even the score, gender wise, with the appearance critique, they also figured out how to get the bleach right for Hemsworth here, his beard and eyebrows look a good deal less ridiculous than they did in Thor, where they are quite distracting.
  • I still consider it a huge crime that like 5 people say “Suit Up!’ in this movie and Cobie Smulders is not one of them. It’s just wrong.
  • Mark Ruffalo’s casting was positively inspired and I forgot how really fantastic he is as Bruce Banner. I’m excited to see more of him.
  • When Tony asks Nick, “What exactly is Phase 2?” I kind of wish Natasha had said, “Oh mostly filler, some spy stuff and then a Space Opera.”
  • Thanos! I remember actually gasping, because well, I didn’t know who he was, but it seemed important. So far, still, not really?
  • Because I watched this the day after I watched Daredevil, I keep thinking that during the attack Matt was probably having sensory overload, so many sonic booms.

Next week we’re into Phase 2, which as I mentioned means, “Mostly filler, some spy stuff and a space opera!” Can you believe we’re only 2 weeks until Ultron? Amazing.

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