And I Get It Now: Jamie Fraser Edition

The last few days have been a frenzy of making sure I didn’t have anything backed up in my DVR so that tonight and most of Saturday could be dedicated to Daredevil. (I know I’ve been pushing my Ultron excitement but I’m incredibly excited for Daredevil, and I can almost guarantee that I’ll have little to no focus at work today, because I’ll just be thinking about the 13 or so hours of gritty violent superhero action that await me.) So obviously, I got around to watching the mid season premier of Outlander.

Here’s what I love about Outlander. It doesn’t really weigh on me much. I love watching it. It’s sumptuously beautiful to look at, feminist in perspective and full historical intrigues and really fun sexy times. But it’s pretty much a case of, “oh right, Outlander’s in my DVR, guess I should watch it at some point.” It’s not a counting down the days kind of show for me.

And I’ve read the first book, and about half of Dragonfly in Amber, but it wasn’t until watching Jamie resist a chemise-less Laoghaire and then kneel before Claire and swear his life to her saying that “she’s his home now,” that I totally got why so many fangirls are into him. I mean, there is literally nothing sexier than that.

And then of course, he and Claire had super hot female gaze sex next to a fire, because Outlander is awesome that way.

And then he was all adorable and puppy and asking her what “fucking” and “sadist” meant, and I wanted to hug him and teach him about cursing too. Because he’s adorable.

So it took one and a half books and half a season, but I am on the Jamie train. Which is weird because also one of my least favorite and absolute worst Jamie moments was in this episode, when he beats Claire. The show, (smartly) cuts away from the scene which in the books plays out in excruciating detail. It’s easier to be on his side when you don’t see what went on there.

Anyway, I’m just letting Outlander fans that I totally get it. I get it so much.

But now I’m going to watch Daredevil. I actually have a really fun post planned for it. (Won’t go up until next Thursday, due to Game Of Thrones, KP and MCU goodness taking up the rest of the week.)

Also, I love how this post was nominally about Outlander, but turned out being just how excited I am for Daredevil. Seriously, it’s the only thing I can think about. I almost said, “Happy Daredevil day!” when I got my coffee this morning.

It’s kind of a problem.


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