Rewatching The MCU: In The Beginning: Iron Man & The Incredible Hulk

Avengers: Age Of Ultron is opening in a month. Which seems ridiculously, and absurdly soon. I had a minor freak out last week, when I realized that it had really been 3 years since The Avengers came out, which was, if you recall, the impetus for this blog.

So in order to get myself psyched up for the movie (as if I needed it), I’m going to be watching all of The MCU films, and well, Daredevil is going to fall in there too somewhere…Anyway, watching 2 a week with a write up of how the movie holds up, how it fits into the larger tapestry of the MCU, and basic getting really excited for Ultron stuff.

So we start, at that very good place, at the beginning.

Iron Man

Iron Man

I always forget how good Iron Man is until I watch it again. It’s been so overshadowed by the world it created it’s easy to forget that Jon Favreau and Kevin Feige’s gamble is also one of the best action movies of the last decade. It’s exciting and funny and colorful, and sort of exactly what we all needed after Batman Begins taught us that superheroes were serious business, and Spider-Man 2 showed us that the characters might be more important than the action.

Iron Man took all of that, threw it out the window and said, “we’re going to give you characters that you like, action that’s fun, and it’s going to be a damn good movie.”

Also, seeing Terrence Howard is now very off putting, as I kept expecting him to go on a rant about homophobia and people tarnishing his legacy.

Empire rules all.

Here are some MCU pieces that fell so early into place:

  • Robert Downey Jr. Look, we could talk about him all day. He’s incredible. It was such a good choice, so perfect. Thank God, Fiege and Favreau fought for him.
  • Agent Coulson! I actually clapped when he showed up next to Pepper at the press conference, and giggled when he kicked a door down. People forget that he was revealed as bad ass almost immediately. (People meaning me.)
  • “The Avengers Initiative” which happened. Not exactly as Fury/Feige originally envisioned it, probably, since Ant-Man was supposed to happen, but whatever. (Please, like Keige doesn’t consider Nick his stand in. Coulson is us, but Nick is TOTALLY Kevin)

The Incredible Hulk


Confession time. I didn’t finish it. I’ve seen this movie plenty of times, but I actually was not able to finish it this time. This is partially because I was exhausted but also, it’s pretty boring. But it’s good. Or I remembered it being good. This time, I really enjoyed watching Edward Norton and Liv Tyler kiss in the rain. Seriously, I didn’t even make it to the final fight…

MCU pieces that fell into place

  • Oh right, this really created the MCU, NO ONE knew that Tony was going to show up in the post credits, which, again, I didn’t make it to, but still, was there, and blew us all away. It was very exciting.
  • I still maintain that if we’re forced (which we’re going to be) to watch another Spider-Man movie, I would like us to do the origin the way they did here. A cool stylized opening sequence that summarizes the story rather than a half hour of unnecessary movie time. Also Batman, we don’t need another Batman origin. Look, I just think this movie did a lot of things right, even if this time it made me SUPER SLEEPY.
  • The final fight (that I didn’t watch) set the standard for “crazy ridiculous destructive violence” at the time which is cute, when you think about The Chitauri destroying Grand Central Station, or Captain America crashing those helicarriers, or even Thor fighting that destroyer in that town in New Mexico…but it was still pretty startling.
  • Liv Tyler is also lovely in this. A really good fit for Betty.

Anyway, this will go on. Maybe I’ll get into more detail when I get to the movies I’ve seen fewer times. Because I’ve seen these two SO MANY TIMES, but we’ll check in next Wednesday for Iron Man 2 Thor.

28 Days Until Ultron


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