Here’s the Sitch: Kim Possible: Season 2 Episodes 7 & 8

Hey, hey, hey! It’s time for this week’s episodes were which so  much more fun than I could possibly remember. So let’s get started.

Kim Ron Rufus

Season 2: Episode 7 “Job Unfair”

It’s career week at Middleton High, and Kim and Ron are just as non plussed about it as you could expect. Ron is trying to go for work as a Jelly Donut filler but is rebuffed when he realizes how much math is involved in the process. (Ron’s culinary calling should have made him a synch for this job…) Kim, in the meantime, wants to go for a week in international diplomacy, but is instead recruited by the school janitor.

Meanwhile, Shego and Drakken steal a weather machine in one of their most effective attempts at villainy. Wacky Wally’s Weather Machines is a delightful world building detail in line HenchCo and Drakken’s rotating roster of lairs, and Shego’s eye rolling and sarcasm at her boss’s incompetence in unparalleled here. As is Drakken’s plan to snow in Canada and take it over and rename it “Drakanda.”

Meanwhile, Ron has been recruited by a secret agent mentor and Kim is dodging her janitorial training with an automated vacuum, and Bonnie is shadowing Mrs. Dr. P. and of course taunting Kim at every possible turn.

In the end, Kim finds out that Janitor Joe is actually a Canadian secret agent, trying to teach Kim how to disarm the weather machine and was sending Ron the spy gadgets to, I’m really not sure why, to distract him, arm the team better? It’s a cute gag, basically. Kim disarms the doomsday device, beats the bad guys and Joe goes back to Canada.

Season 2: Episode 8 “The Golden Years”

I’m a big fan of world building in general, and coming from a large very close extended family, so I generally like stories that explore extended families, and “The Golden Years,” takes the Possible Clan (and Ron) down to Florida to meet Kim’s Nana, and the results are stellar.

Kim has trouble connecting with her over protective grandmother and makes no secret about her frustration. Nana possible criticizes everything from Kim’s clothes to her decision to live life as a superhero. Her father tries to soothe her but to no avail. The trip is a bust for Kim, until Wade notes some weird activity in Florida and Kim investigates.

Meanwhile, Drakken has hatched a plan to control the youths on Spring Break by brainwashing them with their MP3 players. It’s not one of his more creative schemes, but hearing John DiMaggio spout early 2000’s street slang is worth the price of admission, and there’s some more brilliant Shego sarcasm.

Drakken screwed up the frequency though, and instead of MP3 players, Drakken channels hearing aids and the areas seniors become his brainwashed army, including Nana.

Kim and Ron go to rescue her grandma, and as it turns out, Nana Possible has a super career of her once upon a time and the two finally bond. They also kick so much butt together and it’s a lot of fun. In the end Kim goes home with a new understanding of her grandmother.

There’s a B plot of Ron trying to hit on girls at Spring Break and Rufus becoming the big hit of the week, but it’s really not Ron’s best shade, and it’s one of the few missteps that the show made with the character, so I’m not going to dwell on it.

Boo-Yas And Nacos

  • Ron adopts a Sean Connery impression while in super spy mode, and it’s adorable. While my love of Will Friedle is basically unconditional, this season really reminds me of many reasons why I love him so. (As does anytime Eric Matthews does something sincere, but I haven’t watched BMW in a while, soo…)
  • These are both really great Wade episodes, with him helping Kim concoct excuses to get out of janitor duty and using the Kimunicator to get Kim out of handcuffs when Drakken captures her in Florida.
  • Nana Possible is a martial arts expert and a former aviatrix. Kim knew none of this, which is a fun and subtle of reminding kids that their grandparents probably did cool stuff and they should learn about them. Also, it’s just a fun detail that general badassery runs in the family in such situations.
  • The Rufus spring break stuff is pretty fun, and actually, after last week, you really start seeing Rufus have a personality which is a lot of fun, he’s also a proficient guitarist, and even he knows that Ron’s hit on college girls plan is skeevy and misguided.

Next week is possibly the most important nerd episode of Kim Possible, “The Fearless Ferrett,” and I’m really really psyched about it, because it’s the absolute best.

Sir Andrew Lloyd Crazy Pants And The Impossible Leads

I was talking to my brother about theater stuff recently. A friend of ours is starring as Jesus in a production of Jesus Christ Superstar this spring and we started talking about how difficult that show is vocally.

Then we started talking about Andrew Lloyd Weber and how he’s insane. (So insane) But then we started talking about how his shows are not complicated shows at all. The choral parts are basic, the story lines are simple and straightforward, the characters are mostly sketches and hardly nuanced.

But all of shows have leads are almost fricking impossible to sing and perform well. The one exception that we landed on was Starlight Express, because the character of Rusty really isn’t that hard, except, we did not, at the time take into consideration that you know, you have to do all this basic stuff, and also be on roller skates. (That show is so weird. It also meant a lot to my family, so we’re all strangely defensive of it.)

In her memoir Patti Lupone talked about learning the Evita score being the single most difficult thing she’s ever done vocally, to this day. And when you listen to that show not only is the role of Eva incredibly difficult, so is Che.

You’re probably never going to see an amateur production of Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat with a single Narrator, because the range required for that part is so huge.

Christine Daae has to be able to sing operatic soprano and Broadway Pop belt, while the Phantom requires an ethereal dream voice as while as being able to convey insane rage. (This particular one led us down the dark path of talking about the Phantom movie and that always leads to anger in our house.)

Cats features several phenomenally difficult roles, though it’s hard to be much more difficult than Rum-Tum-Tugger and Mr. Mestopheles.

And making this phenomenon all the more fascinating is the idea that the shows themselves are not terribly complicated. Evita is the story of Eva Peron, Cats is the dramatization of The Book of Practical Cat, Joseph is a bible story, Starlight Express is about a little kid creating a convoluted soap opera with his toy trains, and maybe race relations? OK, that one’s not simple, but only because it’s insane, not because it’s deep.

Starlight Express was a really big part of my childhood. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about it.

Have Courage And Be Kind


I love Cinderella.

It really doesn’t matter what version it is, I’m going to bump it up to the top of my list, because I love the story so much.

There’s the Disney Movie, obviously, but also Into The Woods, and the Rodgers & Hammerstein musical (which I’m listening to as I write this), Ella Enchanted, (The book, not the movie. Shudder) Confessions of An Ugly Step Sister, Ever After, I could keep going but I think I’ve made my point.

So I was obviously going to rush right out to see the new live action Disney Cinderella, which also had the benefit of starring two of my favorite actors from two of my favorite shows and being directed by Kenneth Branagh.

I really loved the movie. It’s everything that Maleficent wasn’t, it felt like the story we love, but with new layers and twists, and Lilly James simply is Ella. She was lovely, and the fact that she was smiling throughout the whole movie, and walked around humming “Sing Sweet Nightingale,” and chattered to her mice friends.

Cate Blanchett and Helena Bonham Carter were extravagantly great as The Stepmother and The Fairy Godmother respectively. And Richard Madden’s Prince Kit (SO EFFING CUTE!) is delightful.

I loved that half of this movie was Cinderella and the Prince just smiling at each other in pretty outfits. That’s what this movie is supposed to be. It’s a fairytale love story. And it’s my favorite fairytale. I love the purity of it. That by being kind and true, Ella is rewarded. The step-family’s cruelty isn’t punished outright, but they are left to live in their own misery.

I was grinning the whole time. I really couldn’t stop smiling. Stay until the end. There’s no post credits, but there are new lovely versions of “A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes” and “Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo” by Lilly James and Helena Bonham Carter respectively playing over the credits.

But my God, the look of this movie. A lot has been made of Lilly James’s corset in the ball scene, and while the gown is spectacular, the corset is a little much. But all of the costumes were so detailed and stunning. The embroidery and corsets and petite coats and angora sweaters. And the sets are incredible and not surprisingly, Branagh shoots the ever loving crap out of everything. It made me want to watch his Much Ado About Nothing again.

That doesn’t take much though, because that’s also an absolute favorite of mine.

I was simply delighted by everything about this movie, it was utterly charming. Go see it.

Agent Carter, Princess Leia And Stories of Grief

I haven’t written much about Agent Carter, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been thinking about it.

A lot.

A lot, a lot. I’ve been thinking about the clothes, about the post war narrative, about it’s implications for the larger MCU, and until yesterday, I realized I wasn’t really thinking much about Peggy, about her story and what it meant to the character.

I was thinking macro, not micro, and that’s never been where my analytical focus was before, so I was kind of surprised when it took another piece of work to snap me into focus.

Last week the first issue of Princess Leia came out and I of course had to read it, because you all know how I feel about Leia. (First non mommy feminist role model). Also, both Darth Vader and Star Wars were excellent and I expected the same from Leia.

And the series is going to be about Leia mourning the loss of her parents and planet by jetting off across the Galaxy to save all the surviving Alderaans? (Alderaanians? I don’t know, people from her planet.)

And while Agent Carter was about a lot of things, it was, at it’s heart about Peggy figuring out what her life looked like in a world that didn’t want her as a soldier, and a world where the man she loved no longer lived.

And I like that both of these stories are about these ladies taking something they can control, saving what’s left of her people, clearing her friends name, and channeling their grief and anger into it. It’s such an active actiony way of going about it, which works so well for Leia and Peggy.

These are action stars, so their grieving process, their coping mechanisms should be active. And I love that. I also love that they immediately hooked them up with other awesome ladies. In the end, Peggy wound up fighting Dottie, a black widow operative, and was best friends with Angie. And Leia already has a cool lady sidekick to hang out with. (Who is also from Alderaan.)

And to be honest, their first stop is going Naboo, and that makes me so happy. Because I really want to see Leia like stare at a painting of Padme and feel something. (Like, The Force, or whatever…) We already know from Jedi that Leia has memories of Padme, which is ABSURD since the twins were minutes old…ugh. Prequel problems.

Anyway, I’m excited for this series, and I was glad that it allowed me to think more deeply about Peggy’s journey.

Sailor Moon Check In: Malefic Black Crystal

I AM SO SORRY that I missed the check in two weeks ago. As you may have seen, the snow was zapping my life force, which really meant I needed a little bit of Legendary Silver Crystal magic more than ever, but as it is I’ve got nearly four weeks of Sailor Moon to check in on. So let’s check in!

Sailor Moon


I think we all know the answer to this one…I am going to get Sailor V and the short stories, someday. There’s just so much to read!


Oh Man! Dark Moon Arc is wrapped up and we got into everything about this arc that I both love and hate. The Senshi going into the future, meeting King Endymion, Neo Queen Serenity taking control of Usagi to assure Chibi-Usa that she’s loved. And some added stuff like Saphir and Koan being THIS CLOSE to being together but then wiseman killing the every loving crap out of Saphir. Poor, poor, stupid Saphir. But it also has the stuff that I don’t like, though played down a bit, the Black Lady/Tuxedo Mask ickiness is completely inescapable. But it’s so, so, so, so gross. I recall being substantially freaked out by that back in the dub days when I would occasionally watch episodes. And the fact that Prince Demande’s plan is basically to rape Sailor Moon, like that’s what he’s trying to do. It’s kind of awful. But, the image of Chibi-Usa running to her parents, returned to her own time is quite worth it, I got a little choked up at that.


Two Crystal episodes. So, Rei is totally kidnapped and it’s awful. And Ami won at chess, so she didn’t get abducted, I think? It was nearly two weeks ago, I’m sorry, I don’t remember the details, mostly because this week made me realize something.

The people making Crystal really, really, really, like Makoto. They like her a lot. Love, perhaps, because outside of Usagi and Mamoru, she gets like all of the best stuff to do. This week’s episode, she fought out a Nega version of herself, resisted abduction and got a boy in love with her all at once.

Also, Chibi-Usa cheered herself up by turning Luna-P into an umbrella and it was adorable.

So that’s where we are. I’m really excited to move into a new arc with the original anime. And I’m already poking around for what’s going to take Sailor Moon’s place once I finish with it. I really like the whole magical girl thing, so I’m open to suggestions.

Here’s The Sitch: Kim Possible: Season 2 Episodes 5 & 6

Hey everyone! We technically have 3 episodes this week. (1 full and then 2 half length) so that’s pretty fun! I guess it’s time for us to just get into us, huh?

Kim Ron Rufus

Season 2: Episode 5 “Car Trouble”

Kim and Ron are about to embark on one of the greatest rights of passage in teen-dom, they’re taking drivers ed. Which is of course taught by Barkin, because, you know, it’s Barkin. Ron does fine, and Kim, who, as she’s Kim should be a great driver chokes. The choking is made all the more unbearable by Bonnie’s effortless ability behind the wheel.

Meanwhile, Drakken kidnaps the foremost expert in automation and AI, Dr. Freeman, from his house of sentient appliances. Drakken wants him to fix his army of Killbots, and the relentlessly upbeat Dr. Freeman takes the challenge, for exactly that reason. It’s a challenge.

Meanwhile, Dr. Freeman’s literal smart car, Sadie, gets in touch with Kim and Ron to save them. In addition to tracking down the Doctor and Drakken, she helps Kim pass her drivers exam. Kim’s not thrilled about cheating though, and when she realizes that it was just her nerves that got in the way, she’s able to pass driver’s ed on her own, though, Barkin is confused when Kim is so excited at her new lower grade.

Season 2: Episode 6a “Rufus In Show”

Dastardly thief Falsetto Jones has stolen a priceless diamond and in order to retrieve it, Kim and Ron must infultrate his dog show. When their show dog gets sick from Ron feeding it Bueno Nacho, they are forced to enter Rufus, as a “Peruvian hairless.” Rufus wins the show! Which is fun, but more fun, is Kim’s bad ass black evening gown that can transform into a catsuit, because, BAD ASS! They retrieve the diamond and capture Jones. And Wade also wears a stealth suit, for reasons that allude me.

Season 2: Episode 6b “Adventures In Rufus Sitting”

Ron and his parents on going to France for a vacation and their hotel doesn’t allow pets, so Kim is watching Rufus. Ron is very specific about how to take care of his buddy, and Kim can’t help but get a little sarcastic about it. While on a mission, where Monkey Fist, Duff Killigan and Shego are all trying to steal a microchip, Rufus accidentally swallows the prize. So then they’re all trying to kidnap him. This leads to a chase all around Europe, as Kim covers to Ron about Rufus’s distress. In the end, the chip is just a recording for a greeting card, and Kim is simply underwhelmed.

Boo-Ya’s And Nacos

  • It’s really funny how enthusiastic Dr. Freeman is. And when he and Drakken get together, you can almost feel Shego being bored with it.
  • Sadie is voiced by Susie Essman and it’s one of my favorite guest spots in the whole series. I actually forgot how much I really like this episode
  • I can’t praise the action pieces in “Rufus in Show” & “Adventures in Rufus Sitting” enough. They’re beautifully choreographed and animated and the near misses with Ron and his parents in Paris are a whole lot of fun.

So that’s this week. I’m going to do four week’s of Sailor Moon check in tomorrow. I spent a good chunk of my weekend getting caught up.

It’s A Miracle!

Let’s all take a moment to be grateful for the wonder that is Tina Fey.

Think of all of the wonderful things that wouldn’t be in our lives if it weren’t for this adorable icon of all things feminist and funny and perfect.

No Mean Girls, no Liz Lemon, no Sarah Palin impression, no amazing years at the update desk.

And now, she has given us another gift, friends, and that gift is Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Kimmy Schmidt

Well, not just Tina, also Robert Carlock, and Ellie Kemper, and Jane Krakowski.

This show is delightful. It’s colorful and perky and sweet. Ellie Kemper is adorable. The character of Kimmy Schmidt, a girl who was kidnapped in 8th grade by a crazed cult leader and hidden in a bunker for fifteen years is kind of perfect.

I was so worried about what I was going to do when I left Pawnee behind, and Bluebell, Alabama (not far behind, I’m going to miss Hart of Dixie.) But now I can just hang out in Kimmy’s version of New York, where her infectious joy will lift me up. (I’ve already watched the whole show and the pilot a second time.)

Also, come on, this show is as unapologetic-ally quirky, and has a theme song that actually states, “females are strong as hell.”

And Jon Hamm plays the cult leader is who so despicable and charismatic that he’s probably just Don Draper.

And I don’t know how else to describe this show except for happy and funny, and dark, and interesting, and silly and great.

You should watch.

They alive dammit!

I’m Sorry, but the damn snow

Look, guys, I’m really sorry, I have nothing for you. Do you know why?


This damn winter has zapped all of my energy. 

I cannot take another day of snow. Of having to get up early to brush snow off of my car, of wasting gas to warm my car up in the morning. Of wrapping myself in a cocoon of blankets in order to sleep.


I want it to go away for ever. 

 Normally, around this time every winter, I go a little crazy and start looking at jobs and houses in Florida. I’ve managed to not do that this year. Because I’ve been planning conventions instead. So we’ve got that going for us folks. 

 But it’s so cold, and so snowy, and I’m just so very deeply over it. 

 This is a picture of what my yard looked like today:


 And I’m done with it all. 

So I’m going to spend the weekend in bed trying to write. 

And watching SNL, because it’s Chris Hemsworth with musical guest Zac Brown Band this week, so we’re going to go for that.

I’ll take that first


Natasha/Bruce sexual tension, maybe, probably, kind of.

Vision Android

Ultron and Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver scheming to destroy the Avengers.

Emo Tony!

Sassy Steve!

Sassy Natasha!

Clint still…um, not really doing anything!

Science Bros, being all Science Bros!

Tony with Loki’s Staff!

Natasha on motorcycle!

Thor calling for more Ultron robots to destroy.

“I tried to build a suit of armor for the world.” TONY WHAT DID YOU DO????

It can be May now. Please. Thank you.



So Leonard Nimoy died on Friday. I didn’t spend a lot of time Eulogizing him, but last night, as I sat with my family (at our Tuesday night getting dinner with my family and drinking a lot of wine, because that’s what we do night) and I asked what I should write about for today and we decided I should write about this.

So I’m going to talk about Leonard Nimoy and Star Trek and how it has effected my life even though, as I’ve outlined many times I’m very much not a Trekkie.

There are icons, and there are icons. As a Star Wars and Batman: The Animated Series fan, I revere Mark Hamill, but I don’t expect people who aren’t fans to mourn him. But there are nerds who aren’t into that who still consider William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, George Takei and Nichellle Nichols who still understand that these are the people who invented fandom. So nerds everywhere were mourning Mr. Nimoy when he passed away, because that’s how important Star Trek and Trekkie fandom is to nerd fandom is general.

So much of who I am I owe to Leonard Nimoy, to Spock and to the world that Star Trek and Trekkies have created.

I’m grateful for that world, because without that world, I don’t know what my life would look like. So I’m grateful for Leonard Nimoy.

The other day, a friend of mine, Scott said, “To explain this, I just have to say, it’s like every geek you know just lost their favorite grandparent.”

A podcaster I know referred to him as “a real mensch.”

It’s just a very strange thing to contemplate.

Anyway, Mr. Nimoy lived long, and he prospered, and we’ve all benefited from it.

But to the rest of you, Live Long, and Prosper.

We all get to do what we do here because of this man. Let’s honor that.