Here’s The Sitch: Kim Possible Season 2 Episodes 11 & 12

Woo, it was tough getting this one done this week, but we’re inching up on some great stuff, and there is some pretty great things this week, mostly, well, mostly saved for the end and severe fangirling, but it’s there.

Kim Ron Rufus

Season 2: Episode 11 “Exchange”

There was so much unremembered awesomeness in this little filler episode. So, Middleton High is participating in an exchange program with Japan, and super cute transfer student Hirotaka comes to town and all the ladies, Kim and Monique included are swooning, meanwhile, Ron is off to Japan, to a secret ninja school, where he is very bad at maritial arts, but becomes friends (and more?) with a beautiful girl named Yori, and gains the ire of fellow student Fukushima.

The legendary Lotus Blade is stolen from the school, and it is revealed that Ron was brought to the school on purpose because the founder was a master of monkey kung-fu, obviously. Ron recovers the sword, gets the girl and beats his rival, who, of course betrayed the school to Monkey Fist.

Meanwhile back in Middleton, Kim and Monique compete for Hirotaka’s affection, which they realize is pretty stupid, even as it’s happening. And also, in the end he’s really more into Bonnie.

Season 2 Episode 12 A: “Rufus Vs. Commodore Puddles”

I like these little half episodes even if there aren’t many of them. This particular one, has Ron trying to make a Godzilla style monster movie for a the Middleton Film Festival. It isn’t going well, because Rufus doesn’t quite have the killer instinct he’d like.

Kim is just going through Ron’s garage because she finds this whole thing pretty boring. Wade buzzes to say that Drakken has bought a shrink ray. They go to preempt whatever havoc he’s planning to wreak.

He wants to sneak into Area 51, which Shego thinks is pretty overrated as a goal. The Shrink Ray become a Giant Ray when Drakken’s new puppy, Commodore Puddles does his bussiness on it. So the Commodore grows to huge size and heads towards Area 51. Kim, Ron and a bunch of agents are inside the facility (which holds all the secrets it always purported to) and eventually grow Rufus to defeat the poodle.

No other show will give you such action, I can promise you that.

Season 2 Episode 12 B: “Day of The Snowmen”

It’s a snow day and Possibles are going through their Snow Day Traditions, including building a snow man, but Kim and the tweebs aren’t terribly into it. The Tweebs are using an ion powered heat ray to clear driveways, and Kim and Ron are sledding. Things get weird when the snowmen from around the neighborhood start attacking.

Turns out that weather woman Summer Gale bought a weather machine to cause the blizzard and get more air time. She got the necessary water from Lake Wannaweep, which explains the zombie snowmen.

Boo-yas and Nacos:

  • Best. Guest. Voices. Ever. Hirotaka – John Cho. Yori – Keiko Agima. The Sensei – George Takei. Oh, and Fukyshima? WHO KEEPS YAMMERING ON ABOUT HOW RON IS AN OUTSIDER AND A STAIN ON THE SCHOOL’S HONOR? Why that’s Dante Basco! I mean, obviously, with the Rufio, but how do you not draw the Prince Zuko dummy parallell here?
  • Kim and Monique’s competition is actually a lot of fun, and provides some good beats, particularly how the girls are never actually annoyed with each other and seem to genuinely understand that their friendship is way more important than this guy, no matter how great his hair is.
  • OH right, also Dante Basco, with the honor. And the what not. Seriously, when goes to Ron to lead him into Monkey Fists’s trap, I really expected him to say, “but you don’t understand if I never capture the Avatar…I mean, locate the lotus blade…HONORRRRRR!!!!!!”
  • John Cho is also in this. And I love John Cho. I miss Selfie.
  • Drakken has an encounter with the aliens from Area 51, and they’re the traditional greys, but I kind of wish they were more lobstery…because Futurama references are great, but “The Once And Future Thing” references are the best.
  • Ron’s movie is confiscated because of the Area 51 people and replaced with “Ron’s Big Day” which is a home movie of him going potty for the first time. Poor Ron, can’t catch a break.
  • Summer Gale’s weather machine is the same one Drakken used. “Lightly used, only once, some attack on Canada.”
  • Ron reminds Kim that Wannaweep is a place of evil. She rolls her eyes at him.

29 days Until Ultron!

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