Things I’m Obsessed With Right Now: Comics News Edition

This weekend didn’t quite shake out as I hoped writing wise, mostly because my body finally caught up to me exhaustion wise, and also I was watching a lot of Mad Men. So that leads to of course, “Things I’m Obsessed With Right Now.” And there’s been a lot of cool stuff happening in comics so let’s talk about that!

  • Damian Wayne lost his superpowers and he’s heading to Gotham Academy! The last few pages of issue 5 had me kicking my feet excitedly. Everything about this makes me so happy. Now that he’s back I just want a larger presence in the Bat Books for Dami. I think it’s what we all want.
  • All-New, All Different Avengers, A team that will feature Kamala, Miles and Sam Alexander. This is amazing. I love everything about this. I was nervous for Sam coming out of Secret Wars, because Richard Ryder, who I’m sure is great, but isn’t my Nova, Sam is my Nova. I was less nervous for Kamala and Miles, because Kamala is kind of a big important deal at Marvel these days and because Miles is like, the reason Secret Wars is happening right? So they can quit the Ultimate Universe, but keep him around?
  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad #1, which I completely adored. I have a whole post about it, but I was particularly enamored of the art. The Disney Kingdoms imprint is a pretty great thing.
  • We Are Robin is going to be about a bunch of Gotham kids just fighting crime on their own, like that Wonder Girl gang over in Titans, and I love that.
  • Oh and the end of the first arc of Gotham Academy, which had Olive learning that her mother still remembered her (though still not clear on what happened there.) and standing up to Batman, which was, pretty bad ass of her, and the gang forming a group to solve mysteries at school and I’m so glad this book got renewed.
  • A whole bunch of magical girl style comics coming from Boom & Dark Horse in the next few months, I’m looking forward to reading them, because well, I am.
  • Not comics news exactly but HUGE nerd news, Maisie Williams is going to be on Doctor Who. I feel like watching her and Capaldi have some sort of “Grumpy Off” is going to be wonderful.
  • Captain Marvel is definitely totally absolutely not in Avengers: Age Of Ultron, nope, no sir, absolutely not at all. OK, I’m sounding incredulous and I don’t exactly not believe it, but I sort of really want her to be in it. Although, seeing her pop up either in Civil War or Guardians 2 would be more fun, because, you know, Kree stuff…
  • Secret Six #3 has been pushed to after Convergence, which is, something of a bummer, because I really, really want to know about WEIRD SEX ON THE COUCH!
  • Star Wars, this series is fantastic. I’ve been trying to write about how much I like it, but I just haven’t been able to create a full post. It’s a fun story about life for the gang in between Star Wars & Empire, so we’re seeing Luke’s antagonism towards Vader grow, Vader’s realization about who his son is, and of course, my favorite part, Han and Leia’s relationship development. *Swoon*
  • GUYS! WE ARE EXACTLY 30 DAYS FROM AGE OF ULTRON! (Ultron Countdown will be at the bottom of every post from now on.)

So that’s where we are, I know it’s brief and there isn’t a lot here.

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