Here’s The Sitch: Kim Possible Season 2 Episodes 9 & 10

While this isn’t a Batman Eternal week, it is a Chrissy’s Getting Married So I was in Philly NOT working week. Plus I was really excited about this week’s KP episodes.

Kim Ron Rufus

Remember last year, when I confessed that half the reason for watching all of those DC movies was to watch Under The Red Hood again?

Well, this week is kind of like that. Half the point of this rewatch was to get to this week. I love this week’s episodes so much, my little heart could burst.

Season 2: Episode 9 “Virtu-Ron”

Ron’s trying to get things to the next level with Zita. (Remember Zita?) He hears her talking to her friends about how they’re all getting decimated in MMORPG game Everlot, by a new player who calls himself The Wraithmaster. The Everlot crew is convinced their only help is a player known only as The Tunnel Lord. Ron, wanting to impress Zita, lies and says he’s an expert Everlot player.

Kim teases Ron about his decision to pursue Zita online, but she’s generally supportive. This is Zita’s only other appearance which is something of a bummer. She’s probably my favorite non Kim or Ron love interest. Probably because she’s one of my people.

Anyway, Ron and Zita team up in Everlot until they get kidnapped by the Wraithmaster, who it turns out is noxious proto nerd boy Malcolm, who also wanted to impress Zita with his Everlot prowess. When she says this is pathetic, Ron’s a little deflated.

Meanwhile, Kim and Wade head into Everlot to rescue their friends, and Kim is turned into a Pixie and it’s adorable. They get to the cave where Malcolm is holding the others, but don’t do well enough to beat him. And then The Tunnel Lord shows up.

The Tunnel Lord is Rufus. Obviously. But even he can’t beat Malcolm so all the players, at Ron’s behest, transfer their power to Zita and she wins. Ron takes some pity on Malcolm, and Zita forgives him deception. But of course, then she’s gone.

Season 2: Episode 10 “The Fearless Ferret”

I often say that things are my favorites. Episodes. TV shows. Moments. But then there’s “The Fearless Ferret.”

“The Fearless Ferret” is not just my favorite episode of Kim Possible. “The Fearless Ferret” is one of my favorite episodes of any TV Show ever. It’s that good. I’d remembered it was good. I’d remember it was funny and silly and smart.

I didn’t remember how good, funny, silly and smart it was.

Kim and Ron are enrolled in the hospital “Sunshine Spreaders” program, and Ron takes a very special assignment to go visit homebound Timothy North, who has already sent several volunteers home crying. Not to be deterred Ron marches in and starts doing chores for the old man. But when he accidentally knocks over a bust and finds a red button, he pushes it and finds himself in The Ferret Hole.

Look, the Fearless Ferret 2.0 is basically Batman Beyond and it’s brilliant. But of course, there’s a KP twist. Kim senses that something’s off with her bestie so she hunts him down. After learning his secret identity, Kim and Ron must stop White Stripe a skunk themed villain from committing super stinky crimes, or something.

Meanwhile, the Tweebs have been watching old lame TV shows, and Kim learns that The Fearless Ferret was in fact, a show, and North is the star, and White Stripe another actor, who’ve gone crazy and think the show was real. Kim confronts North, but White Stripe has already kidnapped Ron to, where else? A Ferret Convention! The result rescue is fun, and a chance for Ron to get some actiony mojo. It’s pretty great. In the end North is celebrated by his fan base.

Of course he is.

Boo-Yas And Nacos

  • Seriously, I wish we had gotten more Zita. She’s pretty cool.
  • Ron: You should join the drama club. You already have the shirts
    Malcolm: You’re right. I do already have the shirts. 
    This line shouldn’t be as funny as it is, but it is.
  • Gaming has always been my nerd blind spot, but from the people I know who play World Of Warcraft, Everlot seems fairly spot on.
  • Timothy North is voiced by Adam West. Because THIS IS THE BEST EPISODE EVER!
  • Ron consistently forgets to mention Rufus, aka Wonder Weasel when introducing himself as the Ferret. I’m convinced this is because Terry McGinnis doesn’t have a Robin. I could be overthinking this.
  • Among the brilliant DCAU touches in this episode, when Kim fights White Stripe, we only see their silhouettes, which is very Bruce Timm.
  • There’s also a cute moment where Ron is hanging upside down and Kim unmasks him, which is Spider-Man not Batman, but still, fun.
  • Kim outright refuses to be Ferret Girl, which is her prerogative, but I still maintain that line from KP to Babs is about an inch long.
  • In KP News, have you guys seen Christie Carlson-Ramano’s You Tube Video? HOW FUN IS THAT?

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