Giselle, Aida, Amneris, and Ignored Princesses

So, Cinderella and my cousin and his wife’s Disney World vacation pictures haunting my facebook (Hi Sean and Christie! Looks like you guys were having a blast. I’m jealous!) have prompted a Disney binge. You’ll recall that the last one brought up songs that I felt were under appreciated, but this one led to something else.

Why isn’t Giselle from Enchanted counted among the “Disney Princesses?” We all know there are female characters excluded for logical reasons. (Alice & Wendy because of their preteen status, Tinkerbell because she’s a fairy, Esmerelda because her movie is terrible etc.) But then there’s Giselle.

Giselle is engaged to a prince, runs around in a ballgown, sings her feelings and well, is just generally everything a Disney Princess should be.

Is it just because she’s live action for most of her time? I’m not sure why Enchanted seems to have been so quickly forgotten? (Or has it been? I’m not really ever around children…)

The decision to keep Giselle out the clique seems inexplicable from an official standpoint and from a fan perspective I really don’t understand it. I’ve never seen her cosplayed, and no one talks about her, despite the fact that Amy Adams did really incredible work with the character and “That’s How You Know,” is an amazing song and an even more amazing number. Plus she gets to choose between Patrick Dempsey and James Marsden and how great is that?

Oh, and Idina Menzel plays her romantic rival, because the universe is awesome.

But there are two other Disney Princesses, that I feel like people should talk about more, and not surprisingly, they come from Broadway.

Mary and I often talk about how we wish more people would talk about Aida and Amneris when discussing Disney Princesses as Aida was in fact managed by Disney Theatrical, and the score was written by Disney sanctioned (and kind of perfect) writing team Sirs Elton John and Tim Rice. And they’re both Princesses, hell, by the end Amneris is the ruler of Egypt and ushers in a golden age, or whatever.

And Aida dies for love, which, is kind of lame, when you think about it, but it’s for Adam Pascal, so I forgive it.

Never Forget

Never Forget

So I guess, I’m feeling like my live action ladies need to get some love from the Disney fandom. Also more people should talk about Aida because it’s really pretty great, for a self indulgent Broadway Pop love story. Which you know I love more than just about anything.

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