Here’s the Sitch: Kim Possible: Season 2 Episodes 7 & 8

Hey, hey, hey! It’s time for this week’s episodes were which so  much more fun than I could possibly remember. So let’s get started.

Kim Ron Rufus

Season 2: Episode 7 “Job Unfair”

It’s career week at Middleton High, and Kim and Ron are just as non plussed about it as you could expect. Ron is trying to go for work as a Jelly Donut filler but is rebuffed when he realizes how much math is involved in the process. (Ron’s culinary calling should have made him a synch for this job…) Kim, in the meantime, wants to go for a week in international diplomacy, but is instead recruited by the school janitor.

Meanwhile, Shego and Drakken steal a weather machine in one of their most effective attempts at villainy. Wacky Wally’s Weather Machines is a delightful world building detail in line HenchCo and Drakken’s rotating roster of lairs, and Shego’s eye rolling and sarcasm at her boss’s incompetence in unparalleled here. As is Drakken’s plan to snow in Canada and take it over and rename it “Drakanda.”

Meanwhile, Ron has been recruited by a secret agent mentor and Kim is dodging her janitorial training with an automated vacuum, and Bonnie is shadowing Mrs. Dr. P. and of course taunting Kim at every possible turn.

In the end, Kim finds out that Janitor Joe is actually a Canadian secret agent, trying to teach Kim how to disarm the weather machine and was sending Ron the spy gadgets to, I’m really not sure why, to distract him, arm the team better? It’s a cute gag, basically. Kim disarms the doomsday device, beats the bad guys and Joe goes back to Canada.

Season 2: Episode 8 “The Golden Years”

I’m a big fan of world building in general, and coming from a large very close extended family, so I generally like stories that explore extended families, and “The Golden Years,” takes the Possible Clan (and Ron) down to Florida to meet Kim’s Nana, and the results are stellar.

Kim has trouble connecting with her over protective grandmother and makes no secret about her frustration. Nana possible criticizes everything from Kim’s clothes to her decision to live life as a superhero. Her father tries to soothe her but to no avail. The trip is a bust for Kim, until Wade notes some weird activity in Florida and Kim investigates.

Meanwhile, Drakken has hatched a plan to control the youths on Spring Break by brainwashing them with their MP3 players. It’s not one of his more creative schemes, but hearing John DiMaggio spout early 2000’s street slang is worth the price of admission, and there’s some more brilliant Shego sarcasm.

Drakken screwed up the frequency though, and instead of MP3 players, Drakken channels hearing aids and the areas seniors become his brainwashed army, including Nana.

Kim and Ron go to rescue her grandma, and as it turns out, Nana Possible has a super career of her once upon a time and the two finally bond. They also kick so much butt together and it’s a lot of fun. In the end Kim goes home with a new understanding of her grandmother.

There’s a B plot of Ron trying to hit on girls at Spring Break and Rufus becoming the big hit of the week, but it’s really not Ron’s best shade, and it’s one of the few missteps that the show made with the character, so I’m not going to dwell on it.

Boo-Yas And Nacos

  • Ron adopts a Sean Connery impression while in super spy mode, and it’s adorable. While my love of Will Friedle is basically unconditional, this season really reminds me of many reasons why I love him so. (As does anytime Eric Matthews does something sincere, but I haven’t watched BMW in a while, soo…)
  • These are both really great Wade episodes, with him helping Kim concoct excuses to get out of janitor duty and using the Kimunicator to get Kim out of handcuffs when Drakken captures her in Florida.
  • Nana Possible is a martial arts expert and a former aviatrix. Kim knew none of this, which is a fun and subtle of reminding kids that their grandparents probably did cool stuff and they should learn about them. Also, it’s just a fun detail that general badassery runs in the family in such situations.
  • The Rufus spring break stuff is pretty fun, and actually, after last week, you really start seeing Rufus have a personality which is a lot of fun, he’s also a proficient guitarist, and even he knows that Ron’s hit on college girls plan is skeevy and misguided.

Next week is possibly the most important nerd episode of Kim Possible, “The Fearless Ferrett,” and I’m really really psyched about it, because it’s the absolute best.


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