Agent Carter, Princess Leia And Stories of Grief

I haven’t written much about Agent Carter, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been thinking about it.

A lot.

A lot, a lot. I’ve been thinking about the clothes, about the post war narrative, about it’s implications for the larger MCU, and until yesterday, I realized I wasn’t really thinking much about Peggy, about her story and what it meant to the character.

I was thinking macro, not micro, and that’s never been where my analytical focus was before, so I was kind of surprised when it took another piece of work to snap me into focus.

Last week the first issue of Princess Leia came out and I of course had to read it, because you all know how I feel about Leia. (First non mommy feminist role model). Also, both Darth Vader and Star Wars were excellent and I expected the same from Leia.

And the series is going to be about Leia mourning the loss of her parents and planet by jetting off across the Galaxy to save all the surviving Alderaans? (Alderaanians? I don’t know, people from her planet.)

And while Agent Carter was about a lot of things, it was, at it’s heart about Peggy figuring out what her life looked like in a world that didn’t want her as a soldier, and a world where the man she loved no longer lived.

And I like that both of these stories are about these ladies taking something they can control, saving what’s left of her people, clearing her friends name, and channeling their grief and anger into it. It’s such an active actiony way of going about it, which works so well for Leia and Peggy.

These are action stars, so their grieving process, their coping mechanisms should be active. And I love that. I also love that they immediately hooked them up with other awesome ladies. In the end, Peggy wound up fighting Dottie, a black widow operative, and was best friends with Angie. And Leia already has a cool lady sidekick to hang out with. (Who is also from Alderaan.)

And to be honest, their first stop is going Naboo, and that makes me so happy. Because I really want to see Leia like stare at a painting of Padme and feel something. (Like, The Force, or whatever…) We already know from Jedi that Leia has memories of Padme, which is ABSURD since the twins were minutes old…ugh. Prequel problems.

Anyway, I’m excited for this series, and I was glad that it allowed me to think more deeply about Peggy’s journey.


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