Here’s The Sitch: Kim Possible: Season 2 Episodes 5 & 6

Hey everyone! We technically have 3 episodes this week. (1 full and then 2 half length) so that’s pretty fun! I guess it’s time for us to just get into us, huh?

Kim Ron Rufus

Season 2: Episode 5 “Car Trouble”

Kim and Ron are about to embark on one of the greatest rights of passage in teen-dom, they’re taking drivers ed. Which is of course taught by Barkin, because, you know, it’s Barkin. Ron does fine, and Kim, who, as she’s Kim should be a great driver chokes. The choking is made all the more unbearable by Bonnie’s effortless ability behind the wheel.

Meanwhile, Drakken kidnaps the foremost expert in automation and AI, Dr. Freeman, from his house of sentient appliances. Drakken wants him to fix his army of Killbots, and the relentlessly upbeat Dr. Freeman takes the challenge, for exactly that reason. It’s a challenge.

Meanwhile, Dr. Freeman’s literal smart car, Sadie, gets in touch with Kim and Ron to save them. In addition to tracking down the Doctor and Drakken, she helps Kim pass her drivers exam. Kim’s not thrilled about cheating though, and when she realizes that it was just her nerves that got in the way, she’s able to pass driver’s ed on her own, though, Barkin is confused when Kim is so excited at her new lower grade.

Season 2: Episode 6a “Rufus In Show”

Dastardly thief Falsetto Jones has stolen a priceless diamond and in order to retrieve it, Kim and Ron must infultrate his dog show. When their show dog gets sick from Ron feeding it Bueno Nacho, they are forced to enter Rufus, as a “Peruvian hairless.” Rufus wins the show! Which is fun, but more fun, is Kim’s bad ass black evening gown that can transform into a catsuit, because, BAD ASS! They retrieve the diamond and capture Jones. And Wade also wears a stealth suit, for reasons that allude me.

Season 2: Episode 6b “Adventures In Rufus Sitting”

Ron and his parents on going to France for a vacation and their hotel doesn’t allow pets, so Kim is watching Rufus. Ron is very specific about how to take care of his buddy, and Kim can’t help but get a little sarcastic about it. While on a mission, where Monkey Fist, Duff Killigan and Shego are all trying to steal a microchip, Rufus accidentally swallows the prize. So then they’re all trying to kidnap him. This leads to a chase all around Europe, as Kim covers to Ron about Rufus’s distress. In the end, the chip is just a recording for a greeting card, and Kim is simply underwhelmed.

Boo-Ya’s And Nacos

  • It’s really funny how enthusiastic Dr. Freeman is. And when he and Drakken get together, you can almost feel Shego being bored with it.
  • Sadie is voiced by Susie Essman and it’s one of my favorite guest spots in the whole series. I actually forgot how much I really like this episode
  • I can’t praise the action pieces in “Rufus in Show” & “Adventures in Rufus Sitting” enough. They’re beautifully choreographed and animated and the near misses with Ron and his parents in Paris are a whole lot of fun.

So that’s this week. I’m going to do four week’s of Sailor Moon check in tomorrow. I spent a good chunk of my weekend getting caught up.


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