I’m Sorry, but the damn snow

Look, guys, I’m really sorry, I have nothing for you. Do you know why?


This damn winter has zapped all of my energy. 

I cannot take another day of snow. Of having to get up early to brush snow off of my car, of wasting gas to warm my car up in the morning. Of wrapping myself in a cocoon of blankets in order to sleep.


I want it to go away for ever. 

 Normally, around this time every winter, I go a little crazy and start looking at jobs and houses in Florida. I’ve managed to not do that this year. Because I’ve been planning conventions instead. So we’ve got that going for us folks. 

 But it’s so cold, and so snowy, and I’m just so very deeply over it. 

 This is a picture of what my yard looked like today:


 And I’m done with it all. 

So I’m going to spend the weekend in bed trying to write. 

And watching SNL, because it’s Chris Hemsworth with musical guest Zac Brown Band this week, so we’re going to go for that.


2 thoughts on “I’m Sorry, but the damn snow

  1. That’s a very beautiful picture, but I know how frustrating it is when all you’ve seen is snow for weeks and weeks. 😛 Spring is on its way! Let’s just hibernate until then!


    • I know!! This weekend gave me new hope, what with some melting happen. Hell, I could get out of bed without sprinting for my bathrobe this morning. Huge improvement!


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